The Former Soviet Union’s Political Position

A detailed look at the European and global perspectives about the Former Soviet Union and its political position.

This essay outlines the position of the former Soviet Union on a European as well as Global perspective. The author attempts to investigate the principle international factors that contribute to the FSU’S current position in world politics and the significance of their impacts.
`The Former Soviet Unions, (FSU), position in world politics today is the product of many major issues that started to occur immediately after the `Cold War.` This essay will try and analyze those issues along side more current ones in establishing the principle factors contributing to the FSU’s current position in world politics, and what significance they hold. In order to achieve this, I will be looking into the influence of many regions of the globe. Europe will be a major focus point, as it seems to hold a major stake in what goes on in the FSU’s territory.

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The Former Soviet Union’s Political Position
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Weather the geographical position of the FSU in relation to it becoming a `corridor` between Europe and the Far East is of any importance will be looked at. Also the magnitude of the task being undertaken both by the FSU and the rest of the global `stakeholders` will be analyzed.`

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