The four characteristics of re…

10 October 2018

The four characteristics of religion Beliefs,Ethics Sacred texts and rituals are all intertwined to form a dynamic, living religion. Adherents form beliefs and understanding through sacred texts implying ethical teachings and rituals. Followers abide by ethical teachings and rituals which can be seen through the tradition of giving alms in Islam and Christianity. In Islam giving charity is called Zakat which is a way to empathise with the poor and in Christianity the form of charity is through project compassion to help the poor or individuals who are less fortunate than them. Belief is the acceptance of something that is real the adherents are muslims, and christians coming from Islam and Christianity.

Sacred texts and writing can interrelate with beliefs and believers as they are accepted as revelations from God,which can be seen as Gods word or instruction. Muslims look to the quran as moral guidelines while christians look at the Bible. An example would be “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad the prophet”. From the catholic creed an example is “we believe in one God, the father the almighty”. The revelations convey the same belief which can be represented in the sacred scriptures that there is one God. Ethics which is a system of specific standards by which moral conduct can be judged is derived from values. It embodies the doctrines in the form of laws and precepts thus allowing for the practical application of religion.

The four characteristics of re… Essay Example

Key doctrines are contained and expressed through the sacred writings such as the 10 commandments in the Bible, which can be applied in everyday life. The rituals and ceremonies the commandment to “remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” and God’s blessing of the seventh day (Saturday) for christians and for muslims The next verse (“When the prayer is ended, then disperse in the land …”) leads many Muslims not to consider Friday a rest day, taken from the holy scriptures. DYnamic living religion is clearly evident through Muslim Adherents going on the annual pilgrimage called the Hajj. More than 20 million muslims participate to cleanse themselves and become closer to their God similarly Catholic Christians youth come together every 3 years to celebrate faith.

It is evident that religion is alive and dynamic for youth. Desire to come closer must say about the importance of religion.When these characteristics of religion interact creatively, they help nurture a religion that is alive, dynamic.

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