The Four Seasons

When the clock of nature stroke seasons,something extra ordinary was produced with each and every hour. This world is an alluring place to live in. Life has to offer many cherished miracles but the sensations of nature are significantly peculiar!
they say,
“Seasons are nature’s way of showing us how to live.”

One of the admiring wonders of nature is the four seasons! Without a doubt, one can state that the countries that experience all four seasons are indeed truly bestowed upon by the Almighty. However, I pity the nations who have to face exceedingly hostile weather conditions. My imagination refuses to work with me, when I wonder about the life of people in Russia, who face the world’s most punitive winters. I wonder what my age fellows in those countries think, when the only place they can actually see a sun is in their textbooks, other than their imaginations. To them the sun would be like the most valuable light source on the planet earth.Not just winters but summers can be extremely challenging too, especially countries like Ethopia where the temperature rises above 63°C. Now isn’t this the most alarming fact of the century. How would people living under the same sky as us be able to bear the scorching heat of the tropical sun?Merely thinking about the state of mind of these people makes my heartache. No doubt the people become used to the ground circumstances with time but what if they visit my country which fortunately has to offer all four of the splendid seasons? Wouldn’t it be the best phase of their lives? It might seem to them that they are living the lives of their dreams.

The seasons are not just limited to summers and winters but the most pleasure some season is spring .The time of the year when flowers bloom and the scent of those flowers surround the atmosphere .The time when the chirping birds return and little cute butterflies fly freely all around seeking everyone’s attention.

When talking about spring, one must be aware of this syndrome name Season Affection Disorder (SAD) which describes the state of a person who is depressed by winter.

But they say,
“to be interested in the changing of seasons is a happier state of mind then to be hopelessly in love with spring”
Last but not the least, one cannot just forget Autumn. The time of the year when the poets are busy explaining the theory behind each and every leaf that touches the ground. The time when you walk on the road and with each footstep you hear the rustling of the leaves which itself is a hope for winters!Now when I come to ponder upon the fact that if one can feel so joyous from these seasons merely, as they fill one’s life with splendid colors, then what about the creator of all this? The creator and the interchanger of the seasons would be a creator so perfect!

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran,
“Indeed,in the creation of heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and the day,there are signs for those who possess intellectuals”

This verse clearly symbolises that Allah Almighty has created this universe and has systemized it into palnets and then created the seasons.

Seasons have a significant impact upon our moods and cultures. They define the specific traditions of any area along with its cuisine too.

For instance, recall that chilly winter night with your family where you were cracking peanuts amidst a beautifully lit bonfire. Remember, thatdrenched hot summer afternoon you spent along the banks of the rivers in Punjab, feeding your taste buds with the delish mangoes. How about the time when you forced your parents to take you to the ever green flower exhibition that took place in your town? You were totally taken back by the magnificent scent that surroundedthe area. Weren’t you??

Last but not the least is the time when you enjoyed stepping on the fallen trees so that you can hear the crackling sound.

This a gernal view of how people can be affected by the seasons but Pakistan being country with rich heritage can be stated as one whose people truly cherish the joy of nature and its wonders.

One can simply summarize that the pageant of seasons is a never ending drama!
Elizabeth Chase said,

“Yet sunshine brightens after rain
the darkness comes and goes again
so solace follows bitter pain
as seasons wax and wane!!”

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