The Freedoms of the USA

I believe we live in the greatest nation in the world. We have more privileges and freedom than any other place in the world, yet we are still a controlled and peaceful country. We have the rights of freedom of speech, religion and pursuit of happiness which many people from other countries only hope for.

We have seen and heard of people that try to come to our great country illegally. We try to stop and punish these people. All you need to do is try living a day in their shoes. Many of these people live in a country with high poverty and crime levels. They long for a higher and better way of life. Many of their government officials are wealthy and corrupt while the common man struggles to survive. We, as an Americans, have the right to the pursuit of happiness. We can be anything we want to be if we dedicate ourselves to working toward that goal.

Take time to look at the kids around you. Some of them may have family problems and personal struggles but can you imagine that somewhere, kids in other countries are blowing themselves up for their leaders. We all know that we have it great living in America, but really deep down inside, do we really appreciate it? We need to take time just to pray for the leaders and military of this great country.

America still has many problems such as illegal drugs, inner city crime and some prejudices. These are things that we as a nation are striving to correct. We may still have a way to go but we are moving in the right direction. Even though we are not perfect, there is no other nation in the world that compares because of our great freedoms!

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