The French Indian War Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

The Gallic Indian War Essay, Research Paper

The Gallic and Indian War was besides known as the Seven Years War. The war had England and Purssia teamed up against France, Spain, and Austria. The Bourbon King Louis the 15th of France was seeking to peat the aureate epoch of King Louis the 14th against Purssians Fredrick the 2nd backed by William Pitt and the British. The British, a really powerful imperium had great influence over the imperium & # 8217 ; s settler. There wasn & # 8217 ; t a individual adult male who would stand up to the imperium. Therefore created a interruption in dealingss that created a battle between the settler and the imperium. In 1755, the last of the great struggles broke out between Britain and France known as the Gallic and Indian War. The name of the war was due to the fact that Indians allied themselves with the Gallic and fought in the war. The war broke out over three major struggles: control of North America, Ousting the Gallic from the Ohio River, and the control of Canada.

The district that was fought for in North America ranged from Canada due south to the Gulf of Mexico, and to the West from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean in the E. The English wanted to spread out their district frequently occupying the French & # 8217 ; s district causation conflicts to interrupt out. The invadement of land by the English resulted in the French & # 8217 ; s edifice of Forts along its frontier.

The Gallic and

Indian War was the British policy of throw outing the Gallic from the upper Ohio River Valley. The Gallic wanted the part because it would associate their ownerships from Canada to Louisiana. They placed a series of garrisons as linking links. French’s control impeded British purposes to spread out westward. English merchandisers and Virginia plantation owners, including Lawrence Washington brother to George Washington formed the Ohio Company in 1749 to settle the Ohio part.

The last of the great battles was for Canada. The Battle of Quebec by which Britain gained control of Canada. The beginning of the war immature George Washington gained experience that subsequently helped him as a commanding officer in head of the Continental military personnels against Great Britain when he served as an officer. At the Battle of Quebec French forces under the Marquis De Montcalm de the British under the bid of General James Wolf defeated Sain Vernan. Montreal fell to General Amherst in 1760, and the Gallic gave up Canada.

All of the things above created the Gallic and Indian War. The war taught leading and helped George Washington addition experience to go a leader for the hereafter. In 1763 the Treaty of Paris gave Britain the Ohio country and that portion of Louisiana E of the Mississippi. The British domination of North America was established until the 13 settlements that became known as the United States won their independency.

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