The French Revolution, The American Civil War and the Rise of the Nazi Regime

A comparative paper showing the history of all three of these monumental events and how they affected the world.

The paper follows the events leading up to and during the course of the French Revolution, the American Civil War and Hitler’s Nazi Party’s rise to power. The paper shows how, in all three cases, the events were inevitable and at times, like in the case of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, even predicted long before they actually happened.
The events preceding the French Revolution, the American Civil War, and the Nazis’ rise to power were prophetic. As stated earlier, the Founding Fathers who wrote the U.S. Constitution knew that the issue of slavery would become a problem in future generations, yet the wording within the Constitution wasn’t replaced at the time. King Louis XVI, an ineffective leader consumed by his own luxurious lifestyle, learned too late that the people of his country had the right to equality, to work, and to something as simple as bread. Adolf Hitler detailed his political and military strategies in his book, Mein Kampf, written in the early 1920s while serving time in prison. His book was considered the Bible of the Nazis, yet nothing was done to stop the genocide of the Jewish people.
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