The Future America

To me, of the many flaws hindering the United States today, the one that stands above the rest is the slow drifting away from the values of faith, family, work, neighborhood, peace, and freedom that America was founded upon. The United States was founded as a country of peace, equality, justice, faith, opportunity, courage, determination, hard work, and morality, ruled by the people, for the people, for the people, united together as a community, members of the same body, all dictated under the leadership and guidance of God, His teachings, and His Word. Although modern America, through vanity, consumerism, twisted views of acceptance, ignorance, and a decreasing interest in morality, seems to slowly drift away from these values.

Although modernization has benefited the daily lives of every American citizen, there is no doubt that with developments in the fields of entertainment, pop culture, sports, fashion, technology, and self-indulgence, the United States has drifted gradually away from the traditional views in which it was founded upon. Celebrities such as athletes and musicians, for the most part, serve as negative moral examples to the youth of America, and moral boundaries are being pushed back more and more every day. Explicitive language has become an everyday occurrence, and sex has not only become easily accessible, but something that is discussed lightly, as a casual way of pleasuring oneself.

With the pace at which our countryโ€™s moral values have declined, it would not surprise me if eventually, within the next hundred years, the United States would stoop to such a low level of social and political integrity, that the Christian based values that once served as the anchor to our culture will soon be forgotten. We can only hope that through courage, motivation, and faith, our country will pull through its darkest days.

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