This report is mainly surrounding the idea of technology evolution in 2050 in comparation to the present and with our current trends. It will merely present how the life can become even easier and simplified, the inaccesibility to information is almost nullified and how the nowadays Sci-fi ideas can become reality.

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1. Accesibility
First of all, when you think about the present, you think at how much the technology has evolved compared to the previous years. Now imagine the same evolution for next 4 decades. It’s pretty hard to think that the things can become even more automatized, but it’s possible. Robots, machines, computers and automates will make our life even easier. The technology is and will always be improvable. At the moment, almost everything is public, from thousands of years ago history to last week’s inventions. It is extremely easy to document yourself in every domain, everybody with a rudimentary level of computing skills can find almost any information in no time. There is so much information that a human can’t even comprehend. In a life time you can barely learn and become the best in one domanin out of millions. And the amazing part of this is, it’s constantly evolving. By 2050, the current amazing things will be ancient technology and the current modern trends and fashion will be just old ideas. I sincerly belive that any kind of private life will become even harder to mentain, every information will be documentated and the accesibility to that information will be available for everyone.

2. Ecological impact

Global warming, pollution, poverty, famine. Will those still be mondial problems or will people realize the importance of ecological impact in the day by day problems ? I believe that rural life will be almost inexistent by 2050. Cities, on the other hand, will evolve in a good way. There will be a lot of ecological sites in a city, like block gardening, big parks in the middle of the City (see Central Park in New York) to disipate the amount of CO2. Also by 2050, the amount of

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fuel will be almost diminished, it will become inaccesible to the average fellow. Also, the technology of bio fuel will finally overtake the diesel and Hybrid (electric) cars will be extremely popular. This will not only have a big impact on ground transportation, but also air and undeground transportation. Planes, trains, subways, and cars will all be 99% ecological, thus the polution rate will be diminished significantly.

3. Evolution of life level in all areas
By 2050, big projects like helping poor people in Africa or Asia will have already become mainstream, cities will be built in those regions, investors will come in the areas and the life level will increase. African tundras will become a huge attraction to a lot of people who want to see wild animals in their own habitat. By 2050 there will be almost no poaching, animals will be under a strictly law of protection. The food will be provided to most areas without destroying the ecosystem by overhunting.

4. Healthcare and global diseases
By 2050 the healthcare of people will be improved drastically. People, now living in a polute free area will become less likely to get ill, the lifespan will increase to 80 years in almost all regions, industrial or not. The impact on enviorment will be a big factor on survivabilty, but it will not be the only factor. The technology will be completly amazing and there will be cures for a lot of diseases that now are incurable, in the same manner as in the present there are cures to diseases that used to be mortal in the past. AIDS will become almost eradicated since all the HIV positive patients will be more or less forced to live in a HIV only region. Cures will be found for a lot of variations of cancer and also the nanothechnology will be one of the most used practice around the world. With the help of nanites (microscopical robots) the nowadays difficult and close to impossible surgeries will become routine jobs.

5. Economical impact
Economically speaking, the world will be at a great place. People from all around the world will have jobs, the level of inflation will be incredibly small. The unemployed people will be given jobs by their countries and the actual payment will not be a small one. Since the poverty will be diminshed and the amount of food will be imense due to mass agriculturing the reasons to steal money, rob banks or anything similar will be almost inexistent. The security system will also be impossible to hack, so any tentative to make a felony will be a failure for sure.

I genuinely belive that the future reserves us great possiblity and improvement. The technology will be amazing, and by 2050 most of the present problems, either ecological, social, political, economical or any other kind will be at least partial solved.

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