The game of cricket

5 May 2017

The game of cricket between 1880-2005 played a very important political role in South Asia. Cricket both strengthened the relationship between Britain and India, and created good social changes. Although, the game weakened the religious and political rivalry according to the different perspectives of ten different sources. Cricket helped unify and strengthen the relationship between Britain and India. As shown in document 3, Cecil Headlam, an English cricketer and historian, says that “Cricket unites the rulers and the ruled.

It also provides a moral training, an education in pluck, and nerve, and self restraint. It also allowed India to compete with the english on even terms, according to Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay in document 6. In document 6 it showed Kumars opinion on the Indians victory over the English, in what was made the only thing they could compete in. This brought turned cricket into a political battlefield. Each religion could battle it out with a game of cricket and whoever won, would have pride.

The game of cricket Essay Example

In document 10, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board tells an interviewer in an interview that cricket brings people together mentioning that there are 20,000 Indian cricket fans. In a way she is right, the game does bring people from all over the world together; for example the prince of india mentioned in document 2. Although, since it came from a cricket historians point of view, it gave more of a biased example. Any cricket historian could brag about how great the sport is, its obvious, but a historian on another sport would have been more of a reliable example.

Cricket brought people from all over the world to watch a game of cricket. As shown in document 2, the prince all the way from India came to England to Join the Sussex team. In the London newspaper report, it says “… n 1900 he will come back to England as captain of a team and representative of Indian cricket. ” Since it was in the newspaper, it advertised how popular cricket was by recognizing that the prince of India would travel all the way to England Just to play. Readers would see how much the prince loved the sport, and it would give them all the more reason to play the game.

Cricket also playing a helping role in breaking up caste barriers. In document 4, a lower-caste Hlndu, named “Champion of the Bowler” was admitted into an upper- caste Hindu cricket club. Which proved to the upper-caste club that although he was lower-caste, he was good enough to play with them. The Indian Social Reformer, which is an Indian newspaper, helped spread the idea around of breaking caste barriers by printing out that story. Cricket created many religious tensions and rivalry between the years of 1880-2005.

In document 5 we learn about the Quadrangular Tournament, which was a cricket competition in which Europeans, Hindus, Muslims, and Pars’s competed against each other in 1924. In document 5 the issue of segregation is being addressed and a leader wants the Muslims to win but without causing any tension, hich would lead to aggressive behavior because many Muslims still lived in India. It wouldn’t matter if they wanted to cause a religious battle or not, if the Muslims won it would cause a religious tension because all religions want to win.

In document 7 shows that although the Quadrangular Tournament encouraged a healthy rivalry and added keenness, there were still those “self-seeking leaders” that wanted to provoke religious fanaticism. The editorial in the Indian sports Journal Indian Cricket believes that the Quadrangular cricket degenerated into a religious rivalry. I don’t believe that t was a smart idea to give all religions the opportunity to compete against each other in such a popular sport at the time. By doing so it would come down to a religious rivalry that would be hard to overcome.

In document 8, Gandhi is replying toa letter that requested for his support in continuing religiously based cricket competitions. He replies by telling them that he didn’t understand why there were ever religiously based teams and wanted the matches to be stopped. Gandhi agreed with the club, knowing that by dividing cricket teams into religious based teams, would only end in a rivalry and possible a battle. Gandhi was right, there was no point in pitting all religions against each other in a game of cricket. In the end it would only result in a field of religious tensions, and lead to rivalry.

In document 9, Bal Thackeray stated his opinions on the religious teams, he wanted the Muslims to share their grief when they lost, Just as Pakistan does for them. it clearly states how mad he would be if Muslims never cheered for them. Hes creating an angry tone which probably frustrates the Muslims even more, creating more religious tension. In my opinion, cricket pitted many religions against each other, no thanks to the Quadrangular Tournament. Although it seemed to unite Britain and India, cricket also seemed to cause a political rivalry.

In document 1, a group of Indian cricket players petition to the governor of the province of Bombay asking for his permission to move the polo ponies toa new turf. In this petition it is clear that even though it helped ease some tension, Britain would still beat India. In the petition it mentions that although the English introduced cricket, they still ended up being the ones to overthrow it by now introducing polo. In addition to those documents, a womans perspective of how cricket impacted er life would show how the simple game of cricket really impacted the entire world.

Women were not allowed to play in the games, so in the cricket world they would be considered as outsiders. Women would have to sit and watch their husbands play and have no say in it whatsoever. It didn’t change a womans’ life as much as it did a mans’ life. So as you can see the game of cricket had a huge impact on everybody, including women. In conclusion, the game cricket played a huge political role in society. It gave many the chance to unite and create new social changes. It gave a way for rivals, like religions, to compete without fighting in a war.

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