The Game “The Documentary”

“The Documentary” is the debut album from rapper The Game (aka Jayceon Taylor) hailing from Compton, California, the town known as the birthplace of gangsta music. Game is here to let everybody know the West Coast is back with this phenomenal and banging CD that is hip-hop at its best.

Many fans have heard Game on the mix-tape circuit doing freestyles and collaborating with others. Now he is signed to Aftermath/G-Unit/Interscope records with the legendary hit-producer, Dr. Dre. Now everybody will know it’s Game time and Game is here to showcase his raw talent.

His first single, “How We Do,” is a hot track with a melodic classic West Coast feel and an amazing hook by 50 Cent. His second single, “Hate It Or Love It,” lets rappers know why he is on top with crazy bars and another catchy hook and beat produced by Cool and Dre.

Other cuts on the album are also hot, including the thumping “Higher,” the gangsta-bopping “Westside Story,” and the certified club-banger, “Put You on The Game.”

Though not all the cuts are club bangers, he manages to keep it real and rough. And on the soulful “Dreams,” produced by Kanye West, Game pays homage to the fallen soldiers of hip-hop. He also has a song dedicated to the birth of his son, “Like Father, Like Son,” where he shows his versatility.

All in all, the Game’s album will not disappoint. With slamming beats, true lyrics, great hooks, and some classic collaborations, this 18-track CD is one you can play from start to finish. But don’t take my word for it, go listen for yourself. The West Coast is back!

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