The Gamemakers: Games First!

On the other side, others Districts like District 11 or District 12, seem that lack the favor of the Gamemakers. But, is this really true? Are those the real intentions of the Gamemakers ? Not at all. For the Gamemakers, the priority is to make a show with a lot of action, and at the same time, as bloody as possible. In order to achieve their goal, the Gamemakers creates all the necessary conditions to make the fightings and the killings the center of the Games. They will favor any tribute if that action leads to a direct confrontation between the contestants, and therefore more action and blood to the arena.

This two elements, action and blood, seem like the winning formula for the Gamemakers. On one side, it keeps the Capitol viewers completely entranced, for whom the tributes are just disposable parts of the spectacle. The death of the tributes just adds more excitement , and putting them on the edge of delirium. On the other side, all this terror and violence keep the people of the Districts To achieve this, they must produce a show full of violence and blood. They have to create a show where the death is the main star.

It does not matter if they need to manipulate the Games phisically or emotionally, or play with all the tributes at their own interests. They create or modify the games accordingly to their own interests helping one of the tributes or another, but always in function of the Game. Therefore, when we read The Hunger Games, we realized that the Gamemakers are not biased to any tribute but to the Games itself. Their priority are not the Districts and the tributes, bu We can see through the different situations how the Gamemakers play with the tributes in order to create a show as bloody as possible and better ratings.

For example, we can notice some elements before or during the Games that it seems to benefit the Districts 1,2, and 4. The tributes of these districts are trained since kids to participate in the Games. They are trained so effectively that they are known as the Careers. For this tributes, the participation in the games is an honor rather than an obligation. Although any type of training before the Games is prohibited, this element does not seem to be very significant for the Gamemakers whom prefer to turn their heads. Another example that seems to help the Careers it takes place at the beginning of the Games.

The Gamemakers place all the tributes around the Cornicopia, which is full of vital suppiles and weapons. In order to get what they need, the tributes need to run toward the Cornucopia and fight for them. This is a very favorable situation for the Careers, whom are in better physical shape and are experts in the use of weapons. But this means, for sure, a bloodbath, and that’s the Gamemakers’ final goal. Finally, we can see that the Gamemakers also can alter the physical laws of the Games in order to create a advantageous situation for this tributes.

When other tributes were hidding in the woods, they create an artificial fire, forcing them to move to the Cornucopia and face the Careers. This situation in particular, for example, means no benefit at all for Katniss Everdeen, the tribute from District 12, who was trying to stay away from them as a strategy. Once again, this action could be seen as some help for the Careers, as they are numerous and have weapons; however, a deeper interpretation it show us that the real intention behind all this actions is to get the tributes closer, increasing the chances of a battle.

All this situations, planned or shaped by the Gamemakers lead to a confrontation between the tributes ,and therefore, violence and blood. This it proves that for the Gamemakes nothing it is above the Games. On the other hand, we can observe some examples where not all in the Games benefits the Careers. For example, that moment, at the beginning of the Games, in which the tributes have to run to the Cornucopia, it is not designed to help the Careers only. The Gamemakers know that Katniss is an expert with the bow , so they place one in the Cornucopia.

This bow and arrows means a great advantage for her and a problem for other tributes. But is real the intention of the Gamemakers to help Katniss? Definitely not. The fact that they placed a bow and arrows in the Cornucopia it shows they were looking for ratings at any cost. If she can gets this weapon, for sure others will die. If they were really trying to help Katniss, them the bow and arrows could be in a whole different location and not at the Cornucopia ,where all the tributes were. Once again, the Gamemakers are looking for a bloodbath.

Other example that show us how the Gamemakers can help any tribute, if this can be tranlated in ratings, is the case of Rue, the 12 years old girl from District 11. This little girl, wich really scarce chances to even survive the first day of the Games, is very skilled climbing trees. The Gamemakers are sure to have tall and copious trees, giving her some advantage. Besides, being from the District that is in charge of the agricultural activities, she can recognize some eatable plants that can feed her. This, in the Gamemakes’ formula, means more time.

Time in the Games means more action. Once again, we can see how the Gamemakers benefit, directly or not, the tributes, if those actions can contribute to the type of show they want to offer. All this situations we see in the book related to the bias, although fictional, are similar to real life. In today’s society, the bias is real. It can be expressed in different ways and shapes, but the essence is the same. We can see how the design of our society it looks, and it does it indeed, to benefit the certains sectors over others. Sometimes is pretty obvious; others not.

The way the banks lend money to people is one of those examples. Usually, the banks offer loans to their customers, even knowing those customer are living in a very tight budget, and eventually will be at default in their payments. Even knowing that, they give them the loans. The idea behind that so called “help” is to make them dependents of the credits schemes, and therefore, of the banks. Something completely different it happens when the customer is a wealthy one. In that case, the customer receive all the possible benefits and perks from the banks.

For the bank is extremely important to keep happy those customers. Once again, we can see how the society is biased toward their own benefit. As in the book, the people in power looks for their own benefits. In conclussion, we can say that the Gamemakers are not biased toward any tribute in particular. We can see that they can help one tribute or another according to the Games circumstances. As long as their actions can be translated in a bloody and cruel show, there is not favorites in this spectacle.

They can manipulate the environment or send gifts to the tributes. Everything its legit for the Gamemakers, making the tributes’ lives wortless. They can kill or save tributes at will. It is all about the show. It is all about giving their people, the Capitol ,what they want and expect. They can help one tribute or another if those actions can be translated in more brutality and sadism. For the Gamemakers, it is all about giving the Capitol as much “panem et circenses” as possible. The Games first!

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