The gender differences in income inequality

8 August 2016

Someday women will have equal pay as men may have been different feel in the work place if the women more dominant in the work place. If more male workers in the work place were very limited to control over the job. In the work place the gender equality aspects needs to be taken into action for both women and men. For many factors associated with inequality such as education level, parental leave, and salary. While the country never has women president; to meet the standard gender equality for both males and females.

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The gender differences in income inequality
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“To achieved equality between males and females, since we have had 13 males, the next 11 presidents should be female, Santiago said in a speech celebrating International Women’s Month at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Banos, Laguna” (Ager). To empowered women for gender equality the next president should be female. When the woman is political leader; countries much often higher standard living with positive developments in education and health care.

“Achieving gender equality requires women’s empowerment to ensure that decision-making at private and public levels, and accesses to resources are no longer weighted in men’s favour, so that both women and men can fully participate as equal partners in productive and reproductive life” ( unfpa. org). Gender equality is empowering women’s autonomy to decision making and manage their own lives. Therefore, achieving gender equality changes it enfold for both men and women.

“Gender equality is an important aspect which should be strived for to eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development” (morungexpress. com). Nor should both sexes are able to have equal access to enjoy finances, work or through personal ambitions and interest. Also free from threat or coercion when it comes to children and home responsibilities. Furthermore, planning for family, control their own fertility, it limits the number of children. They have protection against domestic violence and fully included to the society without judgments.

Promoting gender equality will help eliminate poverty and to have a better development society. “Without women the entire world will be handicapped and women should realize their worth and believe that they are magical creatures who can change the world and born with a purpose” (morungexpress. com). In the eyes of the men; that man run the world, keep that in mind without the women the world won’t survived. For example: a child need both parents a father and mother; also the society.

“Baha’ is view equality between the sexes and the full participation of women in every field of human endeavor as essential prerequisites to peace and human progress, and that feminine qualities such as compassion, nurturing, cooperation and empathy are essential in creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world civilization” ( bahai. us). Not only the advancement of women, but also the equity should maintain. “The summit was announced as part of Obama’s State of the Union address in January, when he declared “when women succeed, America succeeds” (Pickler).

In the world civilization equality is human rights. “Men are losing their grip, patriarchy is crumbling and we are reaching “the end of 200,000 years of human history and the beginning of a new era” in which women — and womanly skills and traits — are on the rise” ( Homans). For the first time in history women’s are more successful than the men. The revolution of feminist it is happening now; which is the world and economy is in women’s favor.

For example, “ In his State of the Union address, President Obama acknowledged two women for their rise as business leaders in the United States: Mary Barra, first woman to become a CEO in the U. S. auto-industry, and Andra Rush, another woman CEO in the auto-industry (Rush Trucking and Detroit Manufacturing) who is also a Mohawk Native American” (Baker). In fact, “Women leaders scored significantly higher than male leaders in persuasiveness and assertiveness, according to the Caliper study” (Gannon).

Women’s endowed patiently, communal and problem solving than the men’s and that’s make her a perfect match in today’s economy. “While today’s business culture more often associates masculine attributes with success (women still earn 81 percent of what their male counterparts do, according to the Labor Department’s 2010 data), there’s no evidence to suggest that hiring more men will drive a company’s bottom line” ( Gannon). In gender diversity, men are more dominate and narrow in their focus to solve problems.

Women are submissive to decision making and understand the situation are able to come up with solution without needing to know the entire parts are. Moreover, women are reasonable attitude toward rules and easily more cooperative. As an initial point, “Most women join companies with the desire to be part of a team, to connect with the other players, and to deliver outstanding results” (Crowley). Because women take their work seriously, they were easy to get along with co-workers, vendors, clients as a friend.

Also, women care so much about their job; they take their work very personal and emotionally. “Men, on the other hand, seem to assume and accept that the workplace is a competitive environment, and competition sometimes includes delivering and receiving verbal jabs” (Elster). On the other hand, men are more likely giving everyone a hard time. Men are more assertive, competitive and aggressive. Socially, women are more sensitive affected by harsh words. Nevertheless, women can never forget and anxious hurting their feelings to remember the events better than men.

Women has a memory skill that makes it difficult for them to forget; once she’s heard it remind her the past. While men never remember; they tend not to, because men are purr burt and sarcastic. In addition, women are often ask questions to gather information, but for the men point of view asking questions is a sign of weakness. I am so proud of what women has had accomplished; this will pass it on to the next generation who would do the same too. “After many years of women empowerment, women’s rights have been changed for the better” (genderequalityinbusiness. com).

Women have proven themselves capable of doing things heavy lifting work like a man. For example: if women can join the army that proven women are strong and desire to do what men can do. To ensure, “Through our global network, we work to ensure that women have a real voice in all governance institutions, from the judiciary to the civil service, as well as in the private sector and civil society, so they can participate equally with men in public dialogue and decision-making and influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and countries” (

When women and men have equality at workplace it promotes life balanced, social cohesion and improves our performance all over across the world. Also, helps more women access to higher position, “improving female representation in leadership positions, by identifying and supporting talented women throughout their careers” (orange. jobs). For example, president or CEO position in bigger or small company.

As a society is more adept of women capability doing everything, sexual discrimination has decrease. The reason why, “Women have proven to be a man’s equal” (genderequalityinbusiness. com). These also prove that, image of women as a victim in workplace discrimination, “That is why invisible barriers are strongly being fought against the modern women so that the next generation would live better in the business world” (genderequalityinbusiness.

Many women’s runs and own their business, “Women are increasingly moving into higher positions both in government and business” (theguardian. com). In the oldies, women are never permitted to own a land or have power to manage their own life. Gender equality always start at home, if he or she believes is stronger than the other, his not educated enough. Most American did not believed that equality was mission impossible even desirable.

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