The Genetics of Homosexuality

This paper examines how sexual orientation is a result of genetics.

This paper examines the causes of sexual orientation and cites many sources that indicate that homosexuality is a biological condition related to a region on the bottom of the X chromosome in the homosexual male.
“As the 20th century gradually becomes a smaller and smaller object in the rear view mirror of time, society’s tolerance of discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation is rapidly decreasing. While it may seem that homosexuality and bisexuality are relatively new compared to heterosexuality, this is not the case. This popular misconception is likely do to an increased presence and awareness of persons with these minority sexual orientations due to society’s more tolerant attitude. In reality, it is likely that homosexuals and bisexuals have been around since the dawn of man; however, most were forced to hide their sexual orientation for thousands of years because of societal pressures. In fact, homosexuality and bisexuality did not begin with the evolution of humans. Despite the widely accepted belief that animals do not exhibit homosexual behavior, one of the main arguments behind the belief that homosexuality is somehow unnatural, scientists have found evidence of homosexuality in over 450 species of animals (Price, 1999). Therefore, if humans evolved from animals that have heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual individuals, it would be expected, or at the very least not surprising, that humans would also exhibit these sexual orientations.”
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