The Gettysburg Address

6 June 2017

To really encompass what Lincoln meant by saying, “new birth of freedom”, it is good to look at all of the Gettysburg Address and the context it includes, historically. It is important to keep in mind that Lincoln’s common thread, throughout the address is comparing and contrasting war with the American nation. The key message within that thread is “all mean are created equal” hence, the Declaration of Independence.

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How this all unfolds in the Gettysburg Address is as follows: First, Lincoln lays the groundwork” so to speak by mentioning the ways of the American nation and then leading to the ending by what he hopes to see in the future from the audience of his address, the American people. More specifically, Lincoln organizes his thoughts in the address by past, present and future; indicated by three major sentences or anecdotes to persuade the American nation more to follow the cause he’s speaking for. Part of the philosophy of the American lifestyle is “all men are created equal” which Lincoln speaks of in the beginning.

Getting to the thick of Lincoln’s address, the Civil War is pointed out as a test the idea that everybody is created equal so to speak. Since this idea is part of the foundation or the building blocks of the American nation, the Civil War’s purpose was really about defining the American nation and expanding views such as the thought of “all men are created equal” (i. e. freeing the slaves, abolishing slavery). There was no obvious link that was made between what Lincoln addressed and to what later followed, the Emancipation Proclamation and the 3th Amendment, but a connection can be made.

When Lincoln mentioned a “new birth of freedom”, this is what he was referring to. It was like a calling to the American people to help reach this goal, even more so like an introduction to the actions he was going to take. To sum it all up, this is what “a new birth of freedom” appears to be to me from Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address; a rehab or born again sense of living in the nation post war. Lincoln constantly wanted to emphasize on freedom and ending slavery for good.

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