The Gift Of The Magi A Continuation

7 July 2017

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The Gift Of The Magi A Continuation
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It was one hebdomad from Della? s thirtieth birthday and Jim didn? Ts have adequate money to purchase her a present.

? Well, ? Jim thought, ? if I don? Ts have a ticker so why should I have a concatenation for one? ? So, he sold his ticker

concatenation in order to hold money for Della? s nowadays. ? Now, what do I purchase Della? ? he asked himself. ? I think I? ll go

to the flea market and expression for something, because one small rusty old concatenation won? T purchase me really much, ? Jim stated

as he started siting his bike to the market. At the market Jim found many things, some really reasonably and

expensive, some really reasonably and inexpensive, and some merely plain ugly things that had been at that place awhile and ever

would be until they were eventually thrown off. ? Omigosh, is that DDDDeeDDDe & # 8230 ; ? ? Jim stuttered in

amazement. Be what he had seen existent? Or was he merely leaping to decisions? Was that truly the hair that

Della had sold merely 2 old ages ago? It was, and Jim thought that Della would possibly like it back, so he bought it for 2

cents and he was so happy and he thought he had the best present anyone could of all time give their girlfriend. ? Now, ?

Jim thought, ? will this be a utile gift, and I don? t mean in a few old ages, this clip I want to acquire it right, ? So Jim

thought for two yearss directly. Finally he came up with an thought, ? I? ll do it into a wig, a miss can ne’er hold to

many wigs. ? So he went to the wig store, which normally merely made those white braided wigs that all the of import

work forces wore, but the wigmaker made an exclusion because Jim was a good friend and after all, it was for a misss

birthday. The wigmaker asked, ? Are you certain Della will wish this present, I mean it is instead uneven, and Della? s hair

has already grown twice every bit long as this. But wear? T acquire me incorrect, I? m non seeking to be ill-mannered, I mean, good I think

I? ll merely acquire started on this wig right off, okay, bye. ? So Jim left, believing that the wigmaker was a small out of

his head that twenty-four hours.

The following twenty-four hours, which was the twenty-four hours before Della? s birthday, the wigmaker called Jim. ? Hello, Umm, did you

desire this wig dyed, or left red? And besides, I can? t do a wig that fits unless Della? s caput is measured, what will

you do to happen out without eliciting her intuitions? ? Jim answered unsteadily, ? Well I guess I? ll merely have to

that? s all, and of class non, Don? T you dare dye that beautiful colour of hair, it? s the prettiest I? ve of all time seen. ? The

wigmaker replied, ? Okay, but I still need to cognize her caput size really shortly in order to complete the chapeau, are you certain

you like that colour? ? ? I? m non stupid, what I say I want is what I want. Now, I will convey the measurings over

every bit shortly as I get them, ? Jim replied impolitely.

? Della, ? Jim replied, breathless from running all the manner to the shop and dorsum to purchase a tape step, ? I

demand to acquire your measurings for something, could you come here? ? Della obeys believing possibly a new frock as a

nowadays. ? What measurements do you necessitate, honey? ? Della answered in her sweetest voice. Jim said? I need to acquire

your caput size for something, that? s all. ? ? Well, Okay, ? Della replied surprised at first, and so realized that she

must be acquiring a chapeau for her birthday.

Subsequently at the wig store. ? There, it? s all finished ; make you like it Jim? ? asked the wigmaker. Jim said, ? It? s

great, wear? t you think? You wear? t expression to sure about it? ? The wigmaker replied, lying, ? It? s great, after all it? s the

idea that counts, right? . ? ? Certain thing Phil, good, g

otta travel, tomorrow? s Della? s birthday, are you traveling to be

at that place? ? ? Certain Jim, I? ll be there. ? Said the wigmaker.

It is Della? s birthday, all of Jim and Della? s friends are at their place, and she begins to open nowadayss.

She will be opening Jim? s nowadays foremost. ? I wonder what it could be? ? Della claims, rather rapturously. She unties

the thread, carefully undoes the aureate wrapper paper, opens the box, and easy takes out the tissue paper, piece

by piece. ? I? m truly exited, ? she says as the first piece floats to the floor. ? I can barely wait, I know it will be

great, ? she says as the 2nd tissue is lifted up. ? This is the last one, it? s it? s & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; & # 8230 ; it? s a wig! ! ! ? Della cries

aloud and upset. ? It is merely a piece of foul old hair, worse yet it? s person else? s who could hold sources. How

daring you, you, you? Jim shouts back, in order to be heard by the boom of Della, ? My Sweet, it? s your really ain

hair, the hair in which you cut off to purchase me a Christmas nowadays, doesn? T that mean anything to you? And besides,

I thought it was the idea that counted. ? But Della was to upset to listen to ground. She shouted at him, ? I hate

you, I truly detest you. How daring you give me a worthless shred, acquire off from me, I ne’er want to see you once more, I? m

packing and go forthing tomorrow! ? As she finished talking she ran into her sleeping room, locked the door, and dropped

onto her bed, shouting her eyes out. Della left the following twenty-four hours, non even stating adieu to Jim. Jim was heartbroken.

He moved off out of shame for being so dum. For the following 30 old ages he kept the wig, which had been thrown

back in his face by his beloved, and he mourned his loss. He vowed that if he could of all time se Della once more, he could

do up for his stupidity.

It is 34 old ages after Della left Jim. Jim had antecedently been going the state, and finally settled

in Della? s place town, trusting that someday she excessively would return. Lucky for him, she did return, for her 64th

birthday. She wanted to pass it with her brother, David, and his household. David and Jim had been friends of all time

since they met when Della and Jim started seeing each other. David is how Jim had been maintaining check on where

Della was. By now, Della was old, grey, with short ugly hair. On Della? s birthday, Jim showed up, with the wig

concealment in a box. Della opened the door and froze, stunned. ? Jim, it, it? s been so long, why are you here? ? Della

asked shakily. Jim replied, ? Well, I have ne’er forgotten you Della, and I still love you and trust you could forgive

me. ? ? Actually, I shouldn? Ts have been as cruel to you as I was, but still, that was a dum move, ? Della said. Jim

stated apologetically, ? It was a stupid nowadays so, but would you take it now? It kinda fits the state of affairs better

Don? T you think? But I am non connoting that you look ugly now, If I gave you this I wouldn? T want you to have on it if

your merely around me if you didn? T privation, because I don? t think you? ve changed one bit. ? Jim says, taking the box

from behind him and passing it to Della. She opens it, and it? s the old wig, but cleaned and groomed of class.

Della stammers, ? I, I, I don? T know what to state. I love it, and it? s true with me besides. I have ne’er loved anyone else

but you. ? Jim asks, ? Della, will you get married me? ? ? Yes, oh yes, of class I will get married you. ? Della says as she puts

on the old wig.

Della and Jim lived merrily of all time after, until 2 old ages subsequently when they both died together in a awful auto


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