The Giver Analysis Essay Sample

The chief subject shown in The Giver is the thought that good can non be without immorality. and evil can non be without good. therefore doing making a perfect society impossible. It does non count how astonishing an experience is. unless you have something bad to compare it with you can ne’er savor the true significance of that minute. The members of Jonas’s community can non appreciate the joys in their lives because they have ne’er felt unhappiness. Correspondingly. they besides do non experience heartache because they have ne’er appreciated the true admirations of life. Throughout the novel. Lois Lowry uses multiple literary devices to raise these ideas into the readers mind. When Jonas is chosen to take the function of Receiver of Memories. he starts to larn how life used to be. when love. hurting. hungriness. and felicity existed. After make up one’s minding that the community is nonmeaningful. Jonas forfeits himself in the terminal so his friends. household. and others from his community will be able to see life to the fullest. The narrative proves to us that even though we may wish for a perfect universe by extinguishing the bad. we besides take off some of the good. doing the perfect life we strive for impossible to accomplish.

Lowry uses imagination to demo how receiving memories is like a sled drive. At first the sled drive starts as highly delicious and enjoyable. but so it easy turns a spot harsher when you realize the snow stacking up on you. When Jonas foremost learns of snow through a sled drive he takes in as a memory. he does non understand why such a fantastic experience would be kept from the community. The Giver says that “snow made turning nutrient difficult…and unpredictable conditions made travel about impossible at times. ( p. 67 ) ” . By the terminal of the scene. Jonas accepts the memory more as a load than a gratifying nostalgic memory. To the people of the community snow had made mundane undertakings hard to finish. but when clime control stopped snowfall. the community ne’er knew of the delicious snowflakes. because. in order to acquire closer to a life of flawlessness. something exciting and particular had to hold been taken off. Their society is all the same. “flat and [ a ] chromaticity less shadiness. ( p. 97 ) ” . The scene of the controlled community in The Giver explains the struggle between the desire to work out society’s jobs and the demand for single freedoms.

In the get downing the regulations. such as being assigned a specific occupation for life or utilizing right linguistic communication. makes sense and seems for the good of the community. As the secret plan progresses the true effects of these regulations are bit by bit identified. As Jonas receives memories. the reader is made cognizant that non merely are picks limited. but besides that the people have non experienced true feelings. enjoyed single differences and can non even see colour! Since the scene is intertwined with the secret plan and subject and is revealed easy. it is non overpowering. By the clip the reader understands the deepness of the control over the community. he is besides cognizant of the effects of that control. Lowry uses symbolism to assist stand for strong feelings with the colour ruddy. When Jonas foremost learns about colourss from the Giver. he is so amazed by it and wants everyone to see. The following twenty-four hours. after given the ability to see ruddy. he sees Fiona. To his surprise. she has beautiful ruddy hair. This is a major significance subsequently on when he is given the ability to love because so those two things goes manus in manus. Love an emotion that is perfectly unknown to Jonas. yet when he experiences it. he decides it is the most astonishing thing of all time because it made him experience “a small more complete. ( p. 126 ) ” .

Although colour may look like a harmless pleasance. people have been contending wars over colour for ages and in many topographic points the conflicts are still traveling on. Where there is war. there is the blasphemy known as decease. When loved 1s meet decease. it causes a batch of heartache and unhappiness. in this thought people took away the emotion of love to go emotionally detached to other things. and so the loss would non be so annihilating. When the community besides got rid of colour. they besides disposed of jobs. such favoritism over grounds such as skin colour. A universe is decidedly non perfect with wars. segregation. and sorrowing ; but it is merely every bit flawed without the impressiveness of colour and deep feelings such as love. doing global flawlessness to be impossible. Jonas learns that his community. although it may look perfect at first. it is missing many of the cardinal things that make life particular and worthwhile. When hurting. hatred. and heartache are taken off. along with them disappear snow. colour. and love. For without immorality. you can non hold good. When negative things are eliminated. something fantastic is sacrificed along with it. doing a perfect life to be impossible to accomplish.

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