The Giver by Louis Lowry

The Giver by Louis Lowry Chapter 1-2 1. What did the word “frightened” mean, according to Jonas? The word “frightened” meaning according to Jonas was a “deep, sickening feeling of something terrible about to happen. ” 2. About what were Jonas and the other children taught to be careful? Jonas and the other children were taught to be careful about language. 3. How did Jonas decide he felt? What was causing this feeling? Jonas felt apprehensive. The Ceremony of Twelve was causing Jonas’s apprehensive feelings. 4. What were the two occasions when release was not punishment?

The twp occasions when release was not a punishment was the release of the elderly and release of a newchild. 5. Why was the Ceremony of Twelve so important? The Ceremony of Twelve’s is where a child turning twelve would get their adult job and was the end of their childhood and start of their adult life. Chapters 3-5 1. What was unusual about Jonas and the new child? Jonas and the new child had pale eyes while the community members had dark eyes. 2. Describe the Assignment of Birthmother. What did Lily’s parents say about it?

They said the assignment did not have much honor and the birthmothers had only three children also they were not allowed to see the children and were given jobs as laborers for the rest of their lives. 3. What happened to the apple while Jonas was playing with it? The apple changed for an instance when Jonas was playing with it. 4. Describe the of Celebration Release of Roberto. The release of Roberto started with him talking about his life. Then people cheered, and chanted the anthem. After that Roberto made a good-bye speech then he bowed and walked through a special door in the releasing room. 5.

Did Larissa know where Roberto or anyone else went when they were released? Larissa did not know where Roberto or anyone else went when they were released. 6. About what was Jonas’s dream? What did his mother and father say about it? Jonas had a dreamt that he wanted Fiona to take off her clothes and get in a bathtub. His parents said it was the stirrings and his mother gave him a pill that would stop them. She said he would have to take one every day until he entered the house of the old. Chapters 6-7 1. Describe the jacket that the Fours, Fives, and Sixes wore and the reason it was designed the way it was.

Also describe the jacket the Sevens wore and what it symbolized. The jacket the Fours, Fives, and Sixes wore buttoned down the back so that the other children would have to help each other dress and learn interdependence. The jacket the Sevens wore had buttons in the front, which symbolized independence and growing up. 2. Describe the Ceremony. Tell what happened at the Naming and the other age levels. During the ceremony they were newborns received their names and parents. The eights received new jackets with smaller buttons and pockets.

The Nines got their bicycles. The Tens had their long hair cut off. The female Elevens got new undergarments. The male Elevens got longer trousers with a special pocket for their school calculator. 3. What Assignment did Asher get? He was assigned assistant director of recreation. 4. What happened when Jonas’ number should have been called? What did Jonas think? When Jonas’ number should have been called the Chief Elder did not call his number. Jonas had thought he had done something wrong then taught he had skipped his number at the end.

Chapters 8-10 1. What was Jonas’ Assignment? Why was it important and unusual? Jonas was assign to become the new Receiver of Memory for the Community. It was unusual and important because the Community only had one Receiver and he chose his successor and being the receiver was the most important job in the community. 2. What were the four qualities the Chief Elder said the Receiver of Memory must have? The four qualities the Chief Elder said the Receiver of Memory must have are intelligence, integrity, courage, and wisdom. 3.

What happened when Jonas was looking out at the crowd? When Jonas was looking out at the crowd they changed the way the apple had changed. 4. Did Jonas agree or disagree with the committee’s choice of him as the new Receiver? Jonas agreed with it. 5. What happened the last time a new Receiver had been chosen? The last time the girl was not successful and no one knew what had happened. 6. From what rules was Jonas exempted? Jonas was exempted from rules of lying, rudeness and ask anyone any question and he would receive an answer. 7. What was Jonas prohibited from doing?

Jonas was prohibited from telling his dreams. 8. What was he allowed to do that he had not been allowed to do before? He was allowed to lie. 9. What memories did the Receiver of Memory say he had to transmit to Jonas? The receiver said it was the memories of the whole world. 10. What was the first memory the Receiver said he would give to Jonas? He said he would give the memory of snow. Short Answer A. Compare and contrast Jonas from the beginning of the novel to the end. At the beginning of the novel Jonas was a normal member of the community.

He obeyed all the rules and didn’t do anything wrong. But all this changed when he started to receive the memories from the Giver. The changes were not imminent but he grew into them. Jonas started to lie to his parents and soon his friends. This was one of the major changes in Jonas in the novel. Jonas learned his happy community was not so happy. This was due to the fact that no one had feelings except him and the Giver. Jonas started to see the colors which was a major change because all his life he saw in the grayscale.

He soon figured out that everything was fake in their community and the rules against lying were fake too because his father lied many times about the release of a newborn. Also Jonas receives wisdom from the Giver. In the end Jonas leaves the community just to make people feel, see and hear. B. Would you recommend The Giver to a friend to read? Why? Yes, I would recommend this novel to a friend to read because it is it’s an amazing book and really sad to read. Also this novel uses great vivid languages to help the reader understand the feel of the memories that the Giver gives to Jonas.

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