The Glass Menagerie

4 April 2015
This paper is a literary analysis of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams.

This paper presents a look at Tennessee William’s famed drama The Glass Menagerie. The writer of this paper expresses the belief that the character Jim is a young version of Amanda and Tom is a young version of his father.
Literary characters often represent real life and the Glass Menagerie is no exception. The characters of the story are younger versions of others and this is true in real life as well. Often times we grow up promising ourselves that we will not turn out like our parents. Then when we reach adulthood we are shocked to see how like our parents we are. It is a wonder that more literary works do not develop this angle of life. The Glass Menagerie is a work that presents the characters in a fashion that is close to real life. Jim and Tom are both trying to carve out their own identities and they are working to prevent being compared to the elders but they are not going to be able to stop it from happening no matter how hard they try.

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