The Globe Sessions

9 September 2019

Sheryl Crow: “The Globe Sessions”After a three-year absence, Sheryl Crow returns to the music scene with her much awaited new release, “The Globe Sessions,” appropriately titled for the Globe Recording Studios where much of the CD was recorded.Though there is a 20-some year gap in age between us (and I can claim to be neither rich nor famous), I still feel that I can relate to this CD. With lyrics such as “Somebody said you gotta get away/to wanna go back home again” and “Well, maybe nothing lasts forever/even when you stay together/I don’t need forever after,” Sheryl Crow could just as easily be an angsty teenager as an equally angst-ridden 36-year-old.Unlike her previous CD, “The Globe Sessions,” though still not overly cheerful, has a less angry and more reflective tone. It also has more of an acoustic than electric-guitar feel. It is not just a continuation, but an updated version of the old Sheryl Crow. “The Globe Sessions” just proves that these last three years have passed for her, too.I don’t mean to be gender- or age-biased but I would recommend “The Globe Sessions” to teenage girls. That’s not to say that others won’t like it, but teenage girls is the only group I can really speak for. Trust me, you should buy this CD. I’d give it five (out of five) stars, and besides, when have I led you wrong before? .

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