The Good Earth Essay Essay Research Paper

The Good Earth Essay Essay, Research Paper

Good Earth Essay

The Good Earth is a book about a Chinese adult male named Wang Lung and his relationship with the Earth. Wang Lungs position of the Earth contrasts with most people & # 8217 ; s position of the Earth today. He lived in simpleness and so when he became rich, his greatest comfort came from that that was still simple. Today many people are & # 8220 ; rich & # 8221 ; and are populating lives where they are merely comforted by the really complicated things. In Wang Lungs life, Nelumbo nucifera was really like this.

To Wang Lung, the Earth is life. It gives him and his household what they need to populate. When he grows really old and is rich, he moves out of his large house and returns to his little earthen house where he used to populate. He is comforted when he is back in the house where his kids were born and where his household had lived so long in peace and harmoniousness with the Earth. Most of all, he is comforted when he is back with his Earth, off from the pandemonium of being rich and back for a short piece to a life of artlessness and simpleness. Before she died, O-lan, his married woman, seldom asked for anything but the necessary of him. She was a merely individual, one time she found many beautiful gems and desired to maintain merely two pearls. Wang Lung did non appreciate her for herself until she was dead, merely for what she could make for him and give him. The Earth provides Wang Lung with nutrient, shelter, and life and in return he nourishes it with manure and bean curd.

In contrast to Wang Lung, many people today take advantage of what the Earth can give. In big metropoliss like New York, a individual may hold no contact whatsoever with the Earth for yearss. Wang Lung respected the Earth and acknowledged it as his life beginning. Many people today do non esteem the Earth and make non recognize how much it provides them. Wang Lung knew about drouts and did non waste H2O, but about everyone in the modern universe wastes H2O as if there was no terminal now.

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g Lung was in sense corrupted by his wealth ; it made him believe merely of what mattered to him and non what mattered to others in his life. Many people today are less corrupted by their wealth, possibly because they were raised with it. Neither Wang Lung nor many people in today’s society appreciate who and what that have made them who they are and given them what they have. Wang Lung ever had an grasp for the Earth, but he did non appreciate his married woman, O-lan, until his intervention of her had pushed her so faraway that there was no manner for him to draw her dorsum. She gave him something that mattered to him. She gave him boies, three healthy boies who he cared for and appreciated, but he ne’er one time idea of her when she came out to work once more after giving birth a kid. Many people today, particularly in the United States, respect their partner and recognize that you can either take duty for the good and the bad or for nil, but non merely for the good. The universe at Wang Lung’s clip was complicated, but he knew merely of himself and the land until he had money and his eyes were opened to the whole universe around him. He was sheltered by his ignorance, as some people are today from the jobs of the universe. Some of the people today know about the world’s jobs but do nil because they think these jobs do non impact them and they have ne’er witnessed them.

Peoples today have fundamentally no regard for the Earth and its natural resources, but have regard for all people ( we should trust ) . Wang Lung had regard for the Earth, but merely respected the few people that society said he must. Neither manner is right or incorrect, for neither is perfect. In both ways, something that deserves respect gets none. The universe will be complicated no affair what happens, a individual may be sheltered from the complication, but it will still be at that place.

*In stating modern people and people today, chiefly people from industrialised states are being referred to.

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