The Good of Diversity

5 May 2017

Ever you compare your culture with the other culture? There are some cultures that have a lot of similarities that make the culture hard to be differentiated. If we talk about culture, means that we talk about communities. In this world there are a lot of communities. Every community that lives in different place need to adapt with their surroundings in order to life, that adaptation process automatically makes their culture different and unique from the other communities.

One member of a community maybe will not aware about that uniqueness, but when they go outside he community to the new community with different surrounding, they start to know and aware the diverse of the culture. I am one of those who experienced that kind of thing. Since I was small, I life in the middle of community that embrace a certain culture. As time goes by, I grew up and should get out of that community because the place I grew up cannot accommodate my needs anymore.

The Good of Diversity Essay Example

And when I go outside of my community I have to meet a lot of people from different culture. Especially in Indonesia, a country with a lot of ethnic with their own uniqueness, of course it will e hard to interact with some people that have different culture in order to keep the harmonization. To keep that harmonization between people that have different culture is one of the purposes of the existence of cultural diversity as a part of learning subject in some multicultural educational institution.

In this globalization era, people have to open minded to accept and respect the differences of the other people even though that people is different from us. It is because if we cannot accept and respect that every cultures are diverse, it will hard for us to continue our life. In order to fulfill our daily needs we need to interact with the other people. For example in the work place, now a days it will hard for us to find any company that embrace the monoculture in their company. So, to prepare people to face their future, cultural diversity subject is being taught in President University.

After taking cultural diversity course, I become more aware about the uniqueness of some cultures that exist in the president university, learn how to act in front of diverse people and how to use that iversity for a better result when we work together. The first advantage that I get from taking cultural diversity course is I become more aware that every culture has its own uniqueness. That is right than every culture is different, but that differences is not something bad to know and learn. There are reason why that culture should be like the way it is.

That is one thing that I get from culture diversity subject. If I meet with some people that have different culture, at first maybe I will feel uncomfortable when I interact with them. After I know the reason why the like that, I start to respect their culture even I also started to feel interested to learn more about the others’ culture. So before I know the reason why the other culture does something a bit unacceptable for me, I will not Judge it as a bad culture. The secondly, I also learn how to act in front of people that different culture with me.

I know that there are some actions that I must not do in front of another people that have different culture with me because not every action can be acceptable for them. So that’s why, I always be careful to choose my action and word in front of them, so I need to learn about their habit first. For example, if I speak with a Javanese, I will not speak too to the po nt. I is because it I speak too to the point and witn a loud voice, they will teel we offend them. So, I need to speak softly and with a long speech.

The last advantage is I learn how to use that diversity to get a better result when I work together with some people that have different culture with me. There are always een a purpose why God make every culture different and unique. That purpose is to cover each other weakness when we work as a team, Just like a puzzle. Every piece of puzzle have its own shape that different from piece of puzzle, but if that pieces putted in the right place they will complete the picture. Just like in the society, every person come from different culture that make them have different habit and specialty.

If that people find the right place and the right group, surely they will con cover each other weakness with their own uniqueness as their strength. That also means that that diversity can be used as a way to bring people from different culture together. As the conclusion, we know that every culture is different and unique. That unique will show up because the community needs to adapt with their surroundings. Then when they go outside the community, they will aware that every community has its own culture. It is also hard for the member from a certain community to keep the harmonization with the others’ because of those differences.

That is the reason why he cultural diversity becomes one important subject to learned. By learning that subject, we also prepare ourselves to face the globalization era. I also get some advantage by learning this subject. That advantages are I become more aware and respect about the uniqueness of every cultures. I also learn abot how to act in front of a diverse group of people. The last advantage is I know that that diversity can be used to get a better result when we work together. So, by lean cultural diversity I learn how to face my future in this globalization era.

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