GPS, a device known as Global Positioning System is a tool used for tracking locations, finding routes for certain places and for finding the position of objects, people and yourself. This device uses a satellite based network to provide you with necessary information to a certain place or location you wish to go to. This technology uses signals that are transmitted from satellites to the earth which are captured by monitoring stations on the earth then sent to the receivers called GPS. The Information provided is as accurate to 3 meters therefore making It quite precise In

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Its measurements compared to other devices. Once a GPS has found your posltlon, It can also find the speed, distance; acceleration and the time the trip will take In total. How does a GPS work? GPS work with the help of 24 satellites that orbit around the earth 12000 miles above. They provide each segment of the earth coverage so that a location can be obtained by a simple method called Trilateration. This method allows us to acquire our location by using signals from 3 satellites that cover our area. The GPS simply finds the location of the three satellites plus the distance of the device and the three atellites by radio signals.

It is then transmitted to the GPS by radio waves to provide you with an address, a street view of the location or a satellite view of the location you wish to see. If a direction or specific route is wanted, a GPS can provide you with directions from the position you are at to the destination wanted. It will obtain Information from the destination you wish to be at plus your location at the moment and It will form a possible route that may be taken to arrive to that destination. This technology has also been developed to work on cellular devices such as martphones.

Now, people are able to use a technology slmllar to a GPS called an A- GPS with their cellular data to provide them with locations and routes but this data Is obtain with their

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service provider network rather than the 3 satellites that surround the area of the device. The impact of the GPS in todays society: In todays soclety, more ana more people are getting attacnea to tne Drano new technologies that emerge from day to day. Now, you will find more and more people using a GPS because of how easy its utility is and also because of how accurate and ast its responses are.

In the past, people have been using maps, compasses and directions written on paper to inform them of which routes to take. But now, since things have gotten much more advanced, GPS have been developed to help the human obtain a response that will save them time and that will not require any skills at all. With the click of a button, you will be provided with a 3D or 2D map that will show you many different routes to take. Also, it is an extremely useful device in cases of danger or loss where the tracking option can be used to track you or someone else own.

It will give you the address and location of your position and transmit it to other GPS receivers so that they can find your location and save you in case of a danger or it could be used to find a thief that stole a device with a GPS enabled in it. All these components provide the society with a feeling of safety and awareness. It also makes life easier because of how simple it is to use GPS compared to maps and compasses. They have made a change in our society and we are contented to say that it was a positive and helpful one.

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