The Grapes of Wrath Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The chief thesis of this paper is that the modern fiscal system possesses a cold and unsympathetic behaviour for those who are affected by the regulations and ordinances of this system. The writer used the typical occurrence on the farms of the South during the dust storms and its effects on the renters as his justification of his thesis. The writer gave a image of the loss of the renter husbandmans because of the storm and while they were still calculating out how to retrieve from the harm made by the catastrophe when the proprietors or their representatives came with demands of acquiring off the land.

Here the writer portrayed the monstrous function of the bank and alleged it as being the sole responsible of the agonies and sorrows of the renters and their households. The proprietors wanted to utilize the modern engineering and waged labour and acquire rid of this old occupancy regardless of the destiny of these hapless psyches. These renters many of them were the original colonists of these lands and one time owned them had lost them to the Bankss or other companies due to their inability of paying back the loan they have borrowed from the bank. Now the bank or the proprietors want to throw them out of the land of their ascendants.

The groundss provided by the writer are rather inspiring and converting though a fan of modern capitalist economy will believe it as a colored and rough judgement against the modern fiscal establishments. But the fact is that the writer has merely portrayed the negative impact of the increasing philistinism and greed of low frequency acquiring more and more net income that human-centered and moral values are now being set aside. The writer has merely given us the image of what might go on to the affected people when the companies strive to acquire the net income regardless of any moral and human-centered values.

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“The Grapes of Wrath” Heath Anthology of American Literature. Vol. D

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