The Great Gatsby and the American Dream

4 April 2015
A detailed analysis of the “The Great Gatsby” and a look at its themes and characters.

This paper presents an analysis and explanation of “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The author provides a detailed summary of the novel and an analysis of the characters with emphasis on the nature of friendship in the novel. Also, the author looks at how the novel portrays the pursuit of the ‘American Dream’ that doesn’t always work out as expected.
In The Great Gatsby, the philosophy of the American Dream has transformed from a powerful, nation-shaping force to an engine for personal destruction. The story of The Great Gatsby is told by Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby’s friend and a man born to status and who dislikes vulgarity in those trying to join his ranks.The story is mainly set in East Egg, where the old money and those who have already established themselves at the top of the social pyramid live, and West Egg, where those still climbing up, live. Gatsby has an ostentatious mansion in West Egg. The area known as the valley of ashes, where people with few prospects live. This is where Tom’s mistress and her husband live.

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