The Great Gatsby – Houses

7 July 2016

In the book The Great Gatsby, Nick, The Buchanan’s, and Gatsby all have unique and different houses to fit their own personality. Nick comes from a hard-working and absolute family which makes him fit perfectly in his house. Nicks house is kind of middle-ground between Gatsby’s and the Buchanan’s homes. He lives in West Egg which is the “less fashionable”. He is not the very flashy type and likes to keep to himself sometimes. His home is described as a “weather-beaten cardboard bungalow at eighty a month”, meaning this may look as though it is worn out but is in good shape and is big enough for space for him and more.

Gatsby did not come from old money but came from new money and lives in West Egg. His home is enormous with outrageous personality and jazzy. Gatsby doesn’t just sees himself as grand but mostly wants other to look at him that way and like him for all the antiques and lush parties he have.

The Great Gatsby – Houses Essay Example

He is a very flashy man and does not mind the surprising stares of others at what he has. The Buchanan’s are from old money and lives in the East Egg. Their house displays elegance and prideful wealth which can absolutely match their personality of prideful, arrogant, careless people. The Buchanan’s mansion is inviting and welcoming and there is a close connection between it and nature. It closely resembles a Georgian Colonial style in the 18th century. It is also an old house with ivy covered red and white brick walls and nice French windows.

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