The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

I had been looking forward to the release of “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack from the moment I heard about the movie. A new film of this story set in the 1920s was sure to have some interesting tunes, right? The previews on television had been taunting me for months when, finally, an iTunes link took me to the newly released album.

From the moment I clicked the preview of the first song, I knew I would be spending my $16. Normally, I wouldn’t spend that much on music, but this soundtrack is too good not to own. I instantly felt like I was at one of Jay Gatsby’s infamous parties.

The artist lineup varies from Beyonce to to Fergie, giving listeners a number of familiar voices. But what I love is that newcomers, including Emeli Sande, Lana Del Rey, and Gotye, are included on this highly anticipated album.

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“Bang Bang” by and “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” by Fergie, Q-Tip, and GoonRock are the perfect songs to get any party started – very ­fitting for a movie about a party-throwing millionaire.

Then, since “Gatsby” is ultimately a love story, there are great slower songs like “Hearts a Mess” by Gotye and “Over the Love” by Florence + The Machine.

Like rap? This soundtrack doesn’t leave that out either. Jay-Z does his own track called “100$ Bill,” then returns later to collaborate with Kanye West and Frank Ocean in “No Church in the Wild.”

Although this album is very modern – with strong bass, ballads, and dance anthems – each song has a bit of 1920s flair that will remind listeners of the setting. In fact, it is the subtle sound of music’s past that makes me appreciate what the producers have done here.

“The Great Gatsby” soundtrack is easily one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard. I recommend an immediate purchase!

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