The Great Irish Famine

4 April 2015
This paper takes a look at the causes and consequences of the Great Irish Famine.

This paper takes a look at the Great Irish Famine and explains the extensive personal suffering endured by the civilians. It provides a political background and events leading up to the famine as well as demographic, social and political consequences thereof.
From the paper:

The Great Irish Famine Essay Example

“In researching this topic, I discovered that the Great Famine in Ireland was identified by several designations: the Irish Potato Famine, the Great Hunger, the Great Famine, and the Great Starvation. Although its title cannot depict the true nature of the suffering, the language used to describe this period will vary by the speaker. For example, those who describe the famine with innocuous images often refer to it as the Irish Potato Famine. This title brings to mind weather, nature, and blight, the result of acts of God. The Great Hunger and The Great Famine conjures a more realistic perception of suffering and death. However, some refer to it as The Great Starvation to convey the belief that the Irish suffered and starved in the midst of surplus; that the famine was a ?symbol of the exploitation of a whole nation by its oppressors.?”

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