The Great Khalid by Khalid

9 September 2019

Khalid is an American singer and songwriter who made his debut with his first single “Location” released in February of last year, which had listeners including myself hooked ever since. Following his first single, Khalid released an album of fifteen songs filled with a whole plate of emotions. He uses this album as his outlet for many relatable feelings, loneliness and high school raging sessions. His voice throughout the whole album remains soft and smooth, not to mention he takes emotions that would often be considered heavy hearted and made them into something truly impassioned. From the beginning to the end of this album we see a theme of complex relationships. The song “Cold Blooded” about a shaky young romance, written about his inner feelings and blind love. Another example on this album is “Young Dumb and Broke” talks about his highschool friends and how this time of life shaped him. In particular, this song makes me feel like clouds going away on a rainy day when the sun finally comes out. It’s very understandable because it puts thoughts into a song and is extremely relieving in this sense. Another theme we see is freedom and moving on. He wrote “Let’s Go” to describe moving on from graduating and opportunity awaiting. He also talks about relieving himself from the past, nd growth in his own life. Another example of freedom would be the song “8TEEN” written about his whole eighteenth year and how is created him into who he is becoming. I personally find these songs very relatable and they make me feel as if im putting my head and arms out the window while driving and listening to music on the highway. The whole album is full of emotions of different sorts rather than steering towards one of the other, I wouldn’t put it in a “sad” songs category nor a “happy” songs because it is more than just those generic words. The album is called “American Teen” which also happens to be the name of the first song. The tone of this song is somewhat welcoming almost. It talks about his whole life and youth. It creates a basis for the rest of the songs and brings them altogether in this sense.In my eyes, this album is different then anything I have ever heard because of all the attached feelings that comes with it. Besides the upbeat songs there are also some gloomy songs, including “Coaster” which is based on putting his emotions to the side and avoiding a situation that has to do with his relationship and the issues that come with it. In conclusion, out of all the music I have listened to being a teenager,this album is my absolute favorite and I highly recommend everybody give it a listen.

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