The Great Lakes Crisis

4 April 2015
An examination of this historic conflict between central African nations.

This paper discusses the conflict between the Congo, Uganda and Rwanda and their tribes called the Hutus and the Tutsis. It provides a history of the current problem and examines the ethnic issues at the core of the conflict. Zimbabwe’s relation to the conflict is also discussed as well as the impact of this crisis on central Africa’s society and economy.
“The African region has always been a region at war with itself. Since the time when this region was under the colonial umbrella, to now when the influence is mainly indirect in the form of TNC’s, Africa has been unable to find the answer to its internal problems. When the colonialists lost their direct influence in the region, it was expected that finally the time has come that Africa’s own leaders will stand up for their respective country’s rights but that did not materialize as one after the other, self serving leaders found their way to power. The Great Lakes Crisis is a saga in the epic that concerns the nations that were previously under the French sphere of influence. ”

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