The Great Migration Essay Sample

The Great Migration was the resettlement of more than six million African Americans from the South to the North. They moved from rural countries to the metropoliss. where more occupations and chances were available. The mill rewards were ternary what they made in the South. This motion occurred from 1916-1930.

African American’s were pushed into bad life and on the job conditions. making their ain public life in topographic points like Harlem. The African American civilization influenced ages such as the Harlem Renaissance and the “Jazz Age” . which are known as portion of the Artistic motion. Historical figures that derived from this epoch are people like Langston Hughes ; an African American poet who helped act upon African instruction.

City populations increased greatly by African Americans migrating during the Roaring 1920’s. populating vicinities. The Harlem Renaissance was a large event during this clip that was influenced by the Artistic Movement. exciting the playing of wind all throughout African communities. This besides helped shoot dances and literature written by

The Great Migration came to a close terminal during the Great Depression. but started back up during World War II. The South faced oppressive economic conditions. promoting African-Americans to migrate to the North. The ground for this was the sudden demand for mill workers due to World War I. They faced racial issues and maltreatment from the Ku Klux Klan. which simmered down one time they went north.

This epoch in American history is of import because it gave influence to later decennaries and began a new genre of music that spread all throughout the state. Not merely did it impact the societal facets of the Roaring 20’s but political motions. African American’s. who were disenfranchised in the South. began a new life in the North. They wanted to get away Jim Crow Laws. and the North supplied a bigger and better life style making African communities throughout the metropoliss.

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