The Great Wall of China Essay Sample

My household and I went to the Great Wall of China on a Christmas Holiday three old ages ago. It was winter and the beautiful white snow poured down on the frozen land. The chilling air current seeped into the thick beds of my jacket and touched my organic structure with its cold slender fingers. We used the overseas telegram auto to make the top of The Great Wall. Siting in the overseas telegram auto was a awful experience because it sways to a great extent due to the strong air current blowing on the cold metal surface. The overseas telegram autos were forced to halt really frequently because of the turbulency. At the top of the Great Wall of China. the scene was merely beautiful. The tall mountains covered in soft powdery snow were antic scene. There were many tourers sing The Great Wall every bit good.

The floor was slippery because of the moisture melted snow. Everybody was cautious in their stairss so that they would non fall. The crowd was incredible. there was about as many people at the dark market as there were on the Great Wall of China. There were many merchandisers selling keepsake every bit good as a photo-taking service. No 1 would lose the opportunity of acquiring their exposures taken with their households. There were many tourers disputing themselves to mount the step to acquire higher on the Great Wall. The floor was slippery ; therefore they had to trust on the hand-railings to mount up the step. The scene was even more antic at the top of the incline.

The snow radiances dazzlingly and reflected the brightness of the Sun. The top of Great Wall was terribly cold that I felt I was standing at the fringe benefit of North Pole. but the scene appreciation my eyes every bit good as other tourers. The sight of dropping snowflakes was like watching bright stars falling. It was the most arresting thing that I of all time seen with my really ain eyes. This was the first clip that I witnessed the existent feeling of the Mother Nature.

After the sight-seeing. we took the overseas telegram auto down the Great Wall. We arrived at a little convenient store that sells food markets and drinks. My household and I drank hot tea to warm ourselves. The warm feeling of the tea was great after half a twenty-four hours exposed in the cold chilly winter air current. We bought shirts with the picture of the Great Wall and some other keepsakes to retrieve the magnetizing position on the Great Wall of China.

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