The Greek Achievement

10 October 2016

Greece is the most prominent civilization and achievement in the history. Greek created many achievements in architecture, art, philosophy, mathematics and science. It occupied a very important position in the history of world culture. Moreover, there are no doubt that the contributions to the human society had a significant impact on the history. Also, There are some of the Greek achievements which still have impact on the world. Some information of achievements are below architecture and philosophy. Firstly, the style of architecture was mainly by Classical order.

It represents the order of a building. Due to the Greeks believed that Zeus is very important in the gods of Greek mythology. And then, the gods of Mount Olympus looks like a human. They need the construction of buildings to protect them. For instance, the Parthenon which was built in Athens and accordance with strict laws of balance and proportion. It is a architecture that full of order. Therefore, this classical style was continued to influence early Western architecture. The most notably monuments is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

The Greek Achievement Essay Example

In addition, the refinement of form and the architectural of the style were established in the Greek temple. It is a architectural what is influence for the last two thousand years of western building tradition. Likewise, philosophy is also a part of the Greek achievement. Philosophy is a Greek word that meaning “love of wisdom”. Greeks searched the answers about their role in the universe. The Athenians loved ideas as much as they loved the freedom of democracy. The most famous philosopher in Athens was called Socrates. He dared to raise questions about Athenian values.

He believed that is important to examine the laws, social customs, and even religious values. His motto was “know thyself”. After his death, his student Plato carried on his work. Plato opened the first university called the Academy in Greece which taught students. The ideas of Plato and Socrates are still study around the world now. To sum up, the classical age in Greece was a period of greatness achievement. Also, Greece was a the standard for philosophy, science, history, art and architecture for all different cultures. Therefore, the Greek architecture and the philosophy are still affect in the modern society.

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