The Greek Economy Before the 5th Century

4 April 2015
A look at the developments that led to the boom in Greek economy before the 5th century.

This paper looks into the Greek economy before the 5th century. The author examines reasons for its take off and how it affected Greek society.
“During the fifth century BC, Greek city-states were the dominant powers in the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Seas. The poleis built an empire that spanned from the coast of Spain to the Black Sea in modern day Ukraine. The springboard for the economic boom was Persian War. Before the war, Greek was economically prosperous and powerful land but was not the economic juggernaut it was in the fifth century. The backbone of this juggernaut was the robust Greek economy. Greece’s economy did not become powerful overnight. Some of the factors in this economic machine were in place for hundreds of years. Greece already built great colonies and had a strong trade network.

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It also already possessed strong industry. A few obstacles blocked Greece’s path to economic dominance. During the fifth century, these obstacles were removed and Greece could finally fully utilize their economic potential.”

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