The Green Mile

4 April 2015
A comparative analysis of the book and movie versions of Stephen King’s The Green Mile.

This paper analyzes Stephen King’s novel, “The Green Mile,” and its differences (and similarities) by comparing the treatment of the story through two different media: the book and film version. The book shows that in both media, Stephen King’s novel possesses the theme of life, death, and healing, despite some differences in narrative order and treatment of the events in the story.
Edgecombe’s character was introduced in the film in the second scene, wherein the viewers see him as an old man already. This was radically different with the book’s style, since King did not mention anything about Edgecombe’s being in a nursing home until in the first chapter of the second part of the novel. In the movie, Darabont (the director) made his film as clean-cut as possible, using flashbacks to the minimum and chronicled the events in the movie in an orderly way.

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In fact, Darabont did not dwell so much about Edgecombe’s life in the nursing home, and focused entirely on Edgecombe’s full narration of the events that happened to him when he was chief prison guard of the E block in Cold Mountain.

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