The Greenhouse Effect

4 April 2015
An analysis of an article that appeared in the “New York Times” about the melting of the polar ice caps.

This paper discusses whether or not the greenhouse effect is really responsible for the earth’s warming over the last century. It brings up the theory that perhaps this a part of the earth’s natural cycle. This paper then discusses the Milankovitch Cycles which details the natural changes that the earth undergoes and the effect of these changes on the environment. The author feels that this theory, as presented in the article, disproves the greenhouse effect theory.
“The same happens in reverse in a time of high temperatures.
The ocean circulation systems redistributes heat better and this accounts for the speed of the ice melting in the Antarctic.
Milankovitch Cycles are than able to explain the temperature differences noted in the Antarctic. The ice melting is a direct result of this rise in temperature. The higher temperatures effecting the ocean circulation system also adequately explains why the ice melts at a fast rate.”

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