The Gym Award

The dreaded day is finally here. The mandatory mile test. My stomach is in knots, and all I can think is I do not want to do this. I stand at the starting line waiting, and Mr. Gersch yells “Go!”. I run through the cramps and the wheezing until finally I am at the last lap. I try to pick up the pace as I see those who have already finished looking as if all they did was take a short, leisurely walk. I cross the finish line, wheezing and bright red. I am proud of myself even though my best was other people’s worst.

A buzz of excitement fills the dark auditorium as everyone waits for the awards to be called.The underclassmen, like me, can only receive academic awards, usually given to those with the highest grades in the class. My friends and I look out into the family section of the auditorium. “Do you see your parents?”

“No, I don’t think so, wait, your parents are here!” I look out and see them waving at me, and I do a little wave back, wondering what award I will receive. My friends and I decide that the award will either be in science, art, or possibly English.Every one of the predicted awards goes by. My friends give me confused looks, and I shrug, just as confused as they are. I think there must be a mistake because what else could I get? Then Mr. Gersch walks onto the stage and calls out the recipients for the Gym Award. “Al Viglione and me.” My friends and I burst out into laughter, and I try to contain myself as I walk up to receive the award.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not at all athletic. “Hey can I see your phone?” I ask one of my friends from across the room.He throws his phone across the room to me and of course I do not catch it. The phone falls to the ground, and I turn it over to see that the phone is cracked. “I am so sorry!” I say a million times to my friend who just learned a valuable lesson to never throw anything breakable at me. In little league softball, I could not hit the ball even when it was on the tee. My mom always hoped that I would be good at softball because it was her favorite sport, but sadly I am utterly horrible at anything that has to do with hand-eye coordination. So it makes sense that I am just a little confused as to why I received the gym award.

At the dinner table the next night my mom said, “They gave you the award because you’re a good kid.” Although I am not athletic, I still try in gym. I never walk during the mile, I push myself to do the best I can even though my best is often someone else’s worst. I strive to do my best with athletics, character, school, and anything that comes my way and that is why I am proud that I received the gym award and not some other academic award.

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