The HalfEaten Brownie Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

The Half-Eaten Brownie Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; THE HALF-EATEN BROWNIE & # 8221 ;

This narrative is about my Grandma. She was the sort of adult females who played ( most ) everything safe. She ate all her fruits and vegetables and made certain she had all the basic nutrient groups in her repasts. She tried really difficult to remain healthy.

She worried about unusual and atrocious things go oning to her household, particularly after all of the recent high school shots. She worried about my sister Jennie and I who are still in high school. Every Saturday she would see the husbandmans market in San Leandro and purchase those healthy fruits and vegetables. She would besides see the & # 8220 ; Brownie Lady & # 8221 ; and buy her favourite cocoa Brownie with nuts. Now she wouldn & # 8217 ; t eat the whole Brownie at one clip. She would interrupt off little pieces and nibble off of it for two or three yearss, so by the clip Saturday came around she would necessitate another Brownie. Possibly she thought this was healthier, merely eating little sums at a clip. Or that the Calories didn & # 8217 ; t count when you broke them off in pieces! At any rate, she would coerce herself to eat the Brownie in moderateness so it wouldn & # 8217 ; t throw her diet off balance.

Well on Tuesday April 20th she set out on a trip to Columbia Ca. with her friends who are pilots. She stayed with them for a few yearss, and on Friday the 23rd they made the return trip back place. The pilot who has flown for 30 old ages, every bit near as we can state from studies, likely did non hold adequate fuel before take off. Sadly, the plane crashed four stat mis from their finish, and her life ended.

My parents, who had the undertaking of traveling to her house to get down the procedure of

finalising everything, went into the kitchen to clean out the icebox. And, right at that place on her counter in a brown bag was that half-eaten Brownie! The lone thing my ma could state when she saw the Brownie was, & # 8220 ; She should hold eaten the whole darn thing! & # 8221 ;

I chose to state this narrative from my ma Winnie, because merely set, life is to short non to bask a whole Brownie. Yes, it is of import to supervise a healthy life manner. I think that for me it & # 8217 ; s a lesson that every twenty-four hours we awake, life should be treated as a gift. We should take the clip to bask it, and if you want that & # 8220 ; brownie & # 8221 ; travel for it, because you ne’er know what awaits you around the following corner.

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