The Hand Is the Instrument of the Mind

1 January 2017

The human hand, so delicate and so complicated, not only allows the mind to reveal itself but it enables the whole being to enter into special relationships with its environment. We might even say that man “takes possession of his environment with his hands”. (Montessori M, The Secret of Childhood, 1972, p 81) Maria Montessori stated that our hands are what put us as humans above the rest of the animal species. This is because humans are the only species to use their hands separately to their legs, and humans use their hands to create and change their environment to suit their needs.

Our hands are not simply used instinctively, but are guided by our minds. Our minds are also guided by the development activities of the hand! That is to say, when we are born we all have the same basic hands, but our minds are what determine what we do with them. The work of our hands reflects our skills or intelligence, as the paintings of an artist reflect his creative skill, or the music of a pianist reflects his musically developed mind. Also our hands’ experience helps us to learn and develop our minds.

The Hand Is the Instrument of the Mind Essay Example

Sensorial materials focus very much on using the hand to build the child’s intelligence. While building the Pink Tower or Broad Stair he is exposed to concepts such as height, depth, length and breadth. When his fingers feel the ‘Touch Boards’ and ‘Touch Tablets’ he learns concepts like rough and smooth. Holding the Baric Tablets teach him what light and heavy means. As he places his palms on the Thermic Tablets he will discover the difference between hot and cold. Using his hands he will shake the sound cylinders and his mind will be exposed to louder and softer.

Our minds or brain form an idea, instruction or thought, our hands put these ideas into action. The brain continues to correct and perfect the hands creation until satisfaction in the end product is achieved. i. e. the hand carries out the brains desire and wishes. Therefore, it is important for the activities of the hand to be development perfectly whereby movement of the hand is refined. “The more delicate the work, the more it needs the care and attention of an intelligent mind to guide it. ”

The sensorial materials are designed to develop or train the senses, and it is this material that does the teaching through the child’s sensorial manipulation of it. The materials are appealing to the child and are designed to prepare the child for future work. Because of the graded, (strong contrasts to more delicate differences) sequential order (easier to more difficult skills that build on one another) of the materials, the child’s ability to perceive things in a more refined way and ordered way becomes apparent.

Opportunity for repetition is encouraged as repetition is what builds and exercise the senses, and builds up the intellectual information in the brain. It is agreed then that Montessori in stating; “The whole business of the mind is to guide the business of the hand” implies that must movement and development of the hand through means of practical and concrete manipulation is needed for the intellect to develop.

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