The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The narrative set in Cambridge. Massachusetts in the late 20th century. Tells about the predicament of adult females in subjection – in a society where everything is every bit bad as it perchance can be. In this anti-utopian society. the fundamental law has been abrogated – repealed and abolished. and a new order has been established – known as the Republic of Gilead.

This democracy is ruled through scriptural fundamentalism with really inflexible and stiff enforcement of societal functions that resembles dominionist thought. Dominionist because it seeks to set up specific political policies based entirely on spiritual beliefs. In this democracy. citizens have been stripped of their freedoms ; all faiths have been suppressed save for the official province faith.

Those who refuse to conform or make non confirm with the new norm are pressed into service as servants and personal retainers or deported to settlements where pollution toxicity degrees are high. Political and spiritual Nonconformists.

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including abortionists and homophiles are executed and hung for public show. Furthermore. single-women who are unfertile or unable to reproduce are exiled. The fertile adult females who are non participants to province approved matrimonies. on the other manus. are forced to prosecute in sexual reproduction for the benefit of those in the upper category.

The adult females in this society are stripped of their independency. They are no longer allowed to keep belongings. set up their ain personal businesss. and all other Acts of the Apostless of liberty and autonomy. Harmonizing to their worldview. the job are the adult females and non the work forces. hence work forces should be regarded as beyond reproach. The narrative depicts issues on faith and the power battle of the genders.

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