The Happenings Outside of Europe Africa and Atlantic World

2 February 2018

The Happenings outside of Europe Africa and Atlantic World The African leaders responded to European traders by working together with European colonialists firstly because they thought this would protect their freedom. They did not think the Europeans would deceive them and take away their freedom when they signed the treaty.

The Africans thought the Europeans wanted to protect them from others or to help trade between their countries and Europe. The African leaders were uneducated and treaties were read by missionaries and traders who talk them into signing.Many Africans join forces because of services weakness. They recognized that Europeans had better weapons for fighting. They were fearful that fighting the Europeans would put their freedom at risk. Several had seen the outcome of other people that resisted. Some Africans teamed up because they wanted to become rich.

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The Happenings Outside of Europe Africa and Atlantic World
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They like Europeans goods because they seem better. I ask myself, what chance did the Africans have when trying to keep their independence? I came up with they did not stand a chance. I feel that manyAfricans had no choice on what they wanted to do. They were uneducated and the traders took advantage of that. Many believed that by joining the Europeans they would live the lavish life, while others believe that if they join there would be some kind of protection. The Europeans manipulated the Africans and everything they stood for. The Africans really believed that the Europeans were for them and the one’s that second guess the situations were really scared to say no.

They took their illiteracy and control the entire mission.

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