The Happiest and Saddest You have Felt Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Many memories of different events in life with all the inside informations sing their fortunes. feelings and emotions. ne’er go off ; they stay with us ever and we ne’er seem to bury them. Some of the imprinted memories are cheerful. happy and optimistic. but many of them represent things that. even though they took topographic point. we ever wish that we can be able. one twenty-four hours. to bury about them.

The happiest and most joyful event that I still retrieve with all its inside informations was when I turned 18. and to be more accurate: It was the dark instantly before my birthday. That dark. I was tremendously happy about eventually going an grownup ( I truly did non see the difference: How one twenty-four hours person is a minor and the following she or he is a adult female or a adult male responsible and accountable for all her/his determinations and actions ) .

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I believe that it is something that any miss. or male child. dreams of in the first old ages of her/his life. I couldn’t sleep that dark. I was believing of the following forenoon and twenty-four hours. but I was besides believing of the hereafter in general. what was to come in my life. I remember that my bosom was crushing really fast. I was experiencing it crushing strong ; I was happy. But I besides remember that I was worried. non cognizing how my life would be traveling and if I would win on my ain. It was a mixture of feelings. but happiness and satisfaction was the 1 that I remember the most.

The most hard. and though the saddest event that happened in my life was affecting a beloved friend who lost his life in a auto accident. I was 22. I still remember how the universe merely stopped around me. I truly saw everything base still. I could non talk ; I merely did non happen the words. all the memories with that friend passed through my head in a affair of seconds. but I felt them as if they were hours. I can non depict the feeling in that minute and the minutes that followed. Possibly. this was the first clip that I understood that we are so delicate and incapacitated. One twenty-four hours. person exists ; he/she is a portion of your life. he/she has their ain lives. dreams. feelings. ideas. and memories. and the following twenty-four hours. that same individual is nil more than a memory. I cried for yearss. nil would hold brought my friend back. but I could non manage that experiencing. I think I still find it to hard to cover with.

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