The Health and Well-Being of HIV: Issues in Society Concerning Nursing Care Essay Sample

7 July 2017


Ever since acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) was first recognized 20 old ages ago. singular advancement has been made in bettering the quality and continuance of life of individuals with HIV infection. During the first decennary. this advancement was associated with acknowledgment of chances disease procedures. more effectual therapy for complications of prophylaxis against common timeserving infections ( OIs ) . HIV infection is an infective disease ; hence. it is of import to understand how HIV integrates itself into a person’s immune system and how unsusceptibility plays a function in the class of infection. Awareness in this disease is indispensable particularly when giving attention and set uping wellness attention function for the patient.

The Health and Well-Being of HIV: Issues in Society Concerning Nursing Care Essay Sample Essay Example

The Health and Well-Being of HIV:

Issues in Society Concerning Nursing Care


Problem and its Background

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a turning job throughout the universe that requires human-centered attending. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) estimates that several million grownups are infected with HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus ) . The HIV patient’s wellness and wellbeing have been enveloped by contentions refering to care favoritism and function changes ( Chenoweth. 2007 p. 53 ) .

Due to the infective character of this disease. assorted societal and emotional changes have occurred to both sides affected by the status. wellness attention supplier and the HIV patient. As ascertained. the traits of HIV itself have altered and presented reluctance. in footings of attention. over the wellness attention suppliers. most particularly the nurses. However. bit by bit. the nursing function towards these HIV patients have shifted and revolutionized through the modernisation and betterment of consciousness over the status of HIV. As the modern age attacks. the nursing functions have acquired its ain topographic point for the improvement of HIV patient as its primary end of attention. The betterment of medical attention itself. specifically. through commissariats of assorted infection control safeguards. AIDS and Communicable Disease Precaution plans. and the constitution of medical surveies and research sing the status. hold made the alteration of nursing functions a batch more flexible. The uncertainty of danger and the anxiousness towards attention have been alleviated through the betterment of forecast ; hence. lending to the alteration of nursing functions ( O’Donnell. 2005 ) .

Scope and Restriction

As for this paper. we shall concentrate on the alteration of functions of nurses by analysing the past discriminatory conditions and functions of attention. and how did it come on towards the current medical attention. The paper shall reexamine. interpret and analyzes the relationships between alterations of nursing function and the betterment of medical scientific discipline every bit good as forecast towards HIV instances. The wellness issue in footings of the patient’s wellbeing and personal wellness shall be addressed in the survey. The treatment shall go around on the imposed aims of the survey.


Footing of Importance

The construct of Healthy Peoples in 2010 has proposed ends that address the targeted results of wellness position in the following few old ages. The primary ends comprise the publicity of quality of life. and the negation and declaration of the unfairness involved in wellness attention direction. The two major ends of this plan are the undermentioned ( beginning: World Wide Web. healthypeople. gov ) :

Goal 1: Increase Quality and Years of Healthy Life

The first end of Healthy People 2010 is to assist persons of all ages increase life anticipation and better their quality of life.

Goal 2: Eliminate Health Disparities

The 2nd end of Healthy People 2010 is to extinguish wellness disparities among different sections of the population.

The imposed end. peculiarly the riddance of disparities. concerns the happening wellness attention favoritism of the HIV patient attention. The stigma in the populace is still present due to inadequate information and assorted cultural recreations. Sad to state. nevertheless. there are times that even wellness attention suppliers discriminate the public assistance of such patients ( Grimes & A ; Holzemer. 2005 ) .

In the yesteryear. the conditions of HIV patients have faced enormous favoritism. societal shame and unequal wellness attention proviso chiefly because of the features of the disease itself. The society has gain broad stigma and fright over the communicability of this disease. Misconceptions and incorrect impressions. such as false information particularly about manners of transmittal. impaired consciousness about the disease itself. and anxiousness of familial shame. have caused the build-up of a great society quandary towards the disease. The thought and position of attention given to these HIV patients before are purely less and in some instances. are non even accepted in other infirmary because of the impact of AIDS/ HIV stigma. The nursing function of patient attention administered by the nurses has been affected by the social position towards the disease ( Poindexter. 2005 ) .

During this clip. consciousness and medical cognition about the disease itself have non yet expanded and spread in the society. Because of this. farther stigma that labels AIDS patient as sex nuts. fetish-dirty persons and ill respected individuals has enhanced the social force per unit area for these patients. Therefore. nursing attention started to blemish back due to the huge discriminatory impression about this status. Furthermore. there are no present tools. appliance and most particularly direct remedy for this status ( Lane. 2002 ) . These factors have greatly bring on the deprived attention conditions of the patient since. nurses’ functions and attention places are non yet established at this minute.

Gradually. medical research and surveies has been conducted with the purpose of understanding the conditions. mechanisms and systems involve in the causing of AIDS. They have found out the nucleus of the job. HIV-retrovirus. and the primary system afflicted. which is the immune system. They have found out the possible agencies of disease transmittal from the host. point of issue. manner of transmittal. portal of entry and to the other susceptible host. The organic structure of AIDS/ HIV consciousness has been established. and with this. the possible attention steps for HIV patients have started to develop ( Herek. 2002 ) . However. even with the huge technological promotion. still. the societal contention of AIDS favoritism is still present in the society. The attention of these patients is greatly compromised due to the favoritism nowadays.

Epidemiology Surveies

Health publicity requires the cognition of the instance proper in order to supply equal and appropriate planning and intercessions to be incorporated in the plan proper. The status of HIV preponderantly strikes males than females. as for the instance of homosexualism. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) estimates that 1 out of 260 Americans has HIV ; hence. it is possible that at least one employee from a worksite contains the virus or HIV positive ( Chenoweth. 2007 p. 53 ) .

Between 1981 ( the beginning of the AIDS epidemic ) and 2001. sum of 816. 149 AIDS instances in the United States have been reported to CDC in Atlanta. Georgia. Of these instances. about 467. 910 amounting to 57 % have died. Largely. the sexually active homosexual males have been the primary stricken group and presently represent about 45 % of these reported instances. Another 25 % of the instances are or have been male or female injection drug users and 6 % have come from homosexual drug users. Last. heterosexual transmittal. birth or by blood transfusion during the period when the American blood supply are non monitored for HIV antibodies ( 1981-1985 ) ( Dutt. 2003 p. 105 ) .

Helping on the Issue: Interventions Made

Health practicians may still hold fright and anxiousness about disease transmittal despite instruction refering infection control and the low incidence of transmittal to wellness attention suppliers. Practitioners are encouraged to analyze their personal beliefs and utilize the procedure of values elucidation to near controversial issues. The American Nurses Association’s Code for Nurses can besides be used to assist decide ethical quandaries that might impact the quality of attention given to HIV-infected patients.

The coming of medical betterments has led to the alteration of wellness provider’s functions from discriminatory nature to caring attitude. Furthermore. the stigma over these persons has greatly reduced as compared from the yesteryear. In fact. in the United States. the stigma of HIV/ AIDS has been observed worsening ; nevertheless. some parts of the populace are still incognizant of the HIV worlds and still keep assorted misconceptions particularly in footings of disease transmittal ( Lane. 2002 ) . The construct of wellness instruction is really indispensable in order to relieve the misconception happening in the populace.

Cultural Similarities and Differences

Each civilization possesses different position and agencies of wellness attention direction over these HIV patients. Nurses in all scenes will be called to supply attention for patients with HIV infection. In making so. they encounter non merely the physical challenges of the epidemic but besides emotional and ethical concerns. The concerns raised by wellness attention professionals involve issue such as fright of infection. duty for giving attention. values elucidation. and confidentiality. development phases of patients and health professionals. and hapless predictive results.

In the developing cultural diversenesss. peculiarly 3rd universe state hospital scenes. the medical precautional steps are non yet to the full equip ; hence. the wellness attention suppliers still suffer the quandary brought by the said instance. The instance of HIV are chiefly dominant in the state of southern Africa. and the favoritism of these people. particularly those who are shacking in the hot topographic point countries of the disease. are greatly manifested. Similar to the other Asiatic states. such as the Philippines. China. and Thailand. still comprehends the disease as a dishonoring status. afflicting non merely the person but besides the household itself ( Dutt. 2003 p. 97 ) .

Health Issue at Home & A ; Classroom

Parental and educational houses play an of import function in order to decide the status of HIV attention favoritism. The wellness instruction of the disease itself is one of the important information that needs to be taught in such topographic points. Health instruction facilitates understanding of the said issue. and rectification of the misconception nowadays.

Since the primary beginning of cardinal instruction is non-other than places. parents are held responsible for the behavioural and cognitive alteration of their family members in conformity to the misconception of the disease. The parents should show the status in an enlightening and positive manner in order to forestall farther negative deductions of the disease. It is besides of import for the parents to guarantee that their cognition is decently equipped before showing the corrections to such misconceptions.

Educators and teachers in educational house should stress the societal issue in this wellness aspect clearly in their pupils. It is indispensable that these pedagogues possess equal information of the disease in order for them to ease rectification of the prejudiced behaviors. Stress that wellness attention is ethically and morally for every person ; hence. AIDS/HIV patients are non to be discriminated. but instead be treated suitably. and adequately.

Support Systems: Public and Private Organizations

The AIDS & A ; Coalition Silicon Valley is one of the local bureaus that caters to the legal. fiscal. medical and attention demands of the AIDS patients. They conduct assorted support plans. wellness instruction classs. medical mission. etc. in assistance of those AIDS/HIV patients. They can be contacted in the undermentioned inside informations:

Web Site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aidscoalition. org/index. php

Mailing Address: AIDS Coalition Silicon Valley Walk for AIDS Silicon Valley 1922

The Alameda Suite 218 San Jose. California 95126

Telephone: 408-451-WALK ( 408-451-9255 ) or 408-248-7420

Facsimile: 408-248-7423

Another organisation that promotes the public assistance of AIDS patients is the international United Nations’ UNAIDS. The organisation caters to the legal. rights and attention direction of the HIV patients worldwide. They can be contact via the following inside informations.

Web Site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. unaids. org/en/

Mailing Address: 20. Avenue Appia CH-1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland

Telephone: +41. 22. 791. 3666

Facsimile: +41. 22. 791. 4187


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