The transition to paperless environment Is inevitable, and although HIMSS was founded 52 years ago, there vision and mission are still based on advancing the best use of data and management systems for the betterment of health care and to lead the healthcare transition through the efficient and effective use of health information technology.

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While trying to achieve the proper input, storage, and exchange of electronic health Information, quality, safety, cost, and access are all applicable. HIMSS members promote and work toward the best use of information technology.

A key element ot any health information exchange organization is the universal flow of data between providers and stake holders (public health departments), A way of doing this is the NHIN (national health information network), which is supposed to allow secure internet exchange of health information and data but because It Is still such a new technology it may require more expertise that a provider has, and currently only allow certain information to be exchanged. Within the state of California the CalOHll (California office of health Information

Integrity), works toward progressing the exchange of electronic health information so that patient data is accessible, ensuring that the Information Is protected, and transferred under strict medical privacy and confidential standards and procedures. The California office of Health Information Integrltys vlslon Is to Improve the health and well-being of all Californians. The diverse needs of users of health Information gives health information exchange organizations a constant reason to push forward with their efforts.

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