The Hidden History of the Korean War( IF Stone )

4 April 2015
Critical review of work arguing that war was started & continued by U.S. officials seeking confrontation with communist forces.

I.F. Stone, author of The Hidden History of the Korean War, became a professional journalist at the age of fourteen, and has worked for a number of prestigious periodicals. He is a man of the independent Left (xiv), and has been often critical of the government, which suggests that his examination of the Korean War will reveal that that war was not grounded in the best of intentions.

The Hidden History of the Korean War( IF Stone ) Essay Example

This is, indeed, what we find. Stone wrote the book to expose what one observer calls the greatest swindle in the whole of military history (xv). Specifically, Stone argues that the Korean War was a cruel fraud from its inception. When peace was at hand, it was sabotaged by forces which wanted the war to continue. Stone himself declares that his book has three basic purposes..

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