The Hijab: The Veil that Shrouds Islam

4 April 2015
An ethical exploration of the injustices faced by Muslim women.

This paper examines Islam and the injustices that Muslim women face in their religion. The author discusses injustices in terms of dress, cultural freedom, including genital mutilation. The paper explores whether the Muslim religion is really at fault or if it is a matter of sociological perception. The paper also looks at whether Muslim men regard their treatment of women as unethical or a norm in their society.
“Education is the key. As purveyors of the belief that education raises the standards of living, we are the key. If we are to prove that we still have an ounce of moral fiber in our bodies, we must assume this responsibility. Go forth, learn Islam. Learn the Muslim way of life. Let them not reside in our minds as statistics of historical tragedies. Then, maybe then, will the answers come to us. In dreams. In the horrors of dreams. The dream lingers on. In my dream, the women of Islam continue to speak softly. They speak words of wisdom, confessions of hurt and pleas for help. I delve into my soul and feel the tears gush forth. I reach out my hand to the billowing veils only to find a void. Nothingness. It blankets me. And then, I understand. For the first time, I understand. Souls of compassion inevitably strip off the hijabs and the burqas. One at a time. One step further. We are nearing an unveiled world.”
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