The History of Rocketry

4 April 2015
The history of rocketry from concept to modern day space travel. Researches the rocket engine’s international development and significance in the space program.

This research paper investigates the science of rocketry starting with the original concept, up to the present day space program. Developments in Germany, Russia, and the U.S. are detailed, along with the ways in which rockets have been used both on earth and in space. Most of the paper will deal with the development of the rocket engine up to its present day standards and its history in space flight.

From the paper:

“The notion of flying has fascinated people since the beginning of history, and most likely since the beginning of time. With the development of astronomy, man shifted that dream to another realm: outer space. Robert H. Goddard, a physicist of the early 1900?s, once told a story in his autobiography of how he was inspired to follow the dream of space flight.

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He recalls once when he was 17 years old; he was trimming branches in a cherry tree, and looked out at the sprawling country landscape. He imagined how fabulous it would be to soar upward into space, watching the earth receding below him. ?I was a different boy when I descended the ladder,? Goddard states, ?Life had now a purpose for me.?

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