The History of Sociology

4 April 2015
This paper traces the history of the development of the study of Sociology and examines the works of its founders , including Marx, Durkheim and Weber.

This paper provides a complete overview of the development of the science of sociology. It focuses on three major players – Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber and their influence on the early stages of the science. It shows how they they helped form the basis for the three general perspectives in sociology: conflict theory, functionalism, and interactionism.
From the paper:

“It was Auguste Comte (1789-1857) who coined the term ?sociology.? He believed this new science should study the question of ?how is society possible?? (Bartek/Mullin14) He based his own science on the idea that society is composed of individuals in the same way as a line is composed of points. The focus must be on observations of society and the collections of those individuals. Because of Comte?s work, other sociologists began to study the changes in society.”

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