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9 September 2017

The History Of The Atom Essay, Research Paper

The History Of The Atom Essay Research Essay Example


I am making my undertaking on the history of the atom. The atom was non merely thought up nightlong it took 1000s of old ages of research and experimenting, but was eventually finalized bty Dalton. Dalton was funny about many things but most of all he wondered how substances combined. He discovered that if you combine two substance, you got a new wholly different substance. After old ages of experimenting he came up with the jurisprudence of multiple proportions.

From this Dalton concluded that all affair was made out of atoms which where indivisible.. They could be separated from each other or combined to organize new substances. Dalton besides assumed that if two elements combined to do one compound, that compound consisted of one atom of each component. All this was merely and premise by Dalton and he didn & # 8217 ; Ts have scientific plenty equipment to verify this, subsequently scientists found out that some of his premises where incorrect. Like the atoms is ga

s are non near together and the atom is far from indivisible.

Dalton was known as the great experimenter and he based most of his work on other peoples decisions. But he did come up with many historical alterations theories like the atomic theory

The different parts of the atom like the negatron, proton and neutron where found by different people. The negatron was discovered by scientists who & # 8217 ; s chief involvements where electricity instead so chemistry. The proton was besides discovered by a group of scientists. A proton a individual unit of positive charge and is 1840 times heavier so an negatron. The proton is what remains when a H atom is stripped of an negatron.

In 1932 Sir James Chadwick confirmed yet another subatomic atom, the neutron. Neutrons are subatomic atoms with no charge. But there mass is about equal to the proton.

In decision an atom is made of three parts negatrons, protons and the neutron, all of these are every bit of import and a necessity to finish an atom.

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