The Hobbit A Review Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

The Hobbit: A Review Essay, Research Paper

The Hobbit: A Reappraisal


The book I read and analyzed was? The Hobbit? by J.R.R. Tolkein. I shall discourse

the secret plan and character development, puting, writer & # 8217 ; s manner and my sentiments

about it.

Plot Development

There are excessively many characters in the narrative and so it is difficult to follow and cognize

each one of them. ( There are many midgets and it & # 8217 ; s confounding. ) In the beginning

there is an debut where the writer tells a spot about what is a hobbit

and the hobbit & # 8217 ; s ( Bilbo ) household. It is non really complicated and the writer

makes it easy to understand. This debut gives the general background,

which makes the narrative easier to understand, for the secret plan and its development.

The secret plan development in the center is non complicated and easy to follow. It can

even be summarized in a few sentences.

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The stoping is expected since the writer

gives intimations about it. As in the debut when he says that the hobbit would

addition something, this means that he will non decease. Then, the reader is non unbroken

in suspense and does non anticipate to see what happens at the terminal.

The last flood tide ( or what is supposed to be the flood tide ) takes a long clip to

occur ( the last battle? good ( work forces, elves, dwarves & A ; bird of Joves ) vs. evil ( wargs & A ;

hobs ) ) and this reduces its effectivity. After the flood tide there is the long

return place. It is rather deadening since there is nil to anticipate to and the

reader knows that the hobbit would acquire place safely. In my sentiment it should

have been shorter.

Character Development

The creative activity of the characters is done by their duologues and soliloquies,

actions and things noted by the storyteller ( the writer in this instance ) himself. An

illustration for duologue: ? All the same, I should wish it all field and clear, besides

I should wish to cognize about hazards, out-of-pocket disbursals & # 8230 ; ? ( by Bilbo, page

22, it shows that he is non ready to leap into things so rapidly ) . An illustration

for a soliloquy: ? Now is the clip for our honored Mr. Baggins, who has proved

himself & # 8230 ; ? ( by Thorin, page 210, it shows Thorin & # 8217 ; s manner ) . A good illustration for

action is when Thorin blocked the Gate in the mountain that shows the reader

that the hoarded wealth is of import to Thorin and he instead die than giving it off.

An illustration for notes by the writer: ? You are familiar with Thorin & # 8217 ; s manner on

of import occasions & # 8230 ; ? ( page 210 ) the writer negotiations straight to the reader and

helps him understand the text.

Each character has a physical description. The length and content of the

description addition as the character importance to the secret plan additions ( e.g. ,

the hobbit has really long descriptions in the narrative ( particularly in the

debut ) and the Elvenking has fewer descriptions ) . The more of import

characters get an emotional description excessively, but it is non good seen, but it

can be extracted from the text by analysing it. The illustration I gave before about

Bilbo non hotfooting into things is a good illustration for this excessively.

The cardinal figure is the hobbit, Bilbo. He is the 1 that makes many things

occur by his errors and fortune. The writer gives long descriptions of him and

refers to him a batch, he besides made him salvage his

companions’ life and without him

the secret plan would non hold been the same. The back uping dramatis personae is divided into the

more of import characters ( such as the midgets and Gandalf ) into less of import

and less described 1s ( such as the hob guards that caught the party in the

forests ) . It is difficult to believe that the characters can be in world since

they can non, and they are non supposed to since it is a fantasy book.


The narrative occurs in the fanciful universe? Middle-earth? created by the writer, it

is appropriate since animals that are found in the book ( e.g. , hobs and

midgets ) do non be in our universe. Since the narrative happens in many topographic points over

Middle-earth the writer gives a deep description merely in topographic points where of import

things to the secret plan go on but in other topographic points he gives a more general

description. Most topographic points make the reader have a image in his encephalon of them,

the writer uses the appropriate words and gives good descriptions. It takes the

narrative about a twelvemonth to happen. It starts at the spring and ends in about the same

clip the twelvemonth after. Partss of the narrative take topographic point in every clip of the twenty-four hours

( and dark ) .

The temper is of fantasy universe, where everything ( like thaumaturgy and immense hoarded wealths )

can look and go on.

Author & # 8217 ; s Style

The words used in the book are non really complicated, but there are some words

that are non longer in usage, or used merely in poets ( such as? ere & # 8217 ; in some

duologues ) .

The manner in which the duologues are written depends on who is speaking and when

( e.g. , when the Elvenking talked to Thorin he did non handle him with regard

( because elves hated midgets ) and so did Thorin because he was offended with

his fascination ) .

There was no suspense in the narrative, because of the writer that destroyed it

right at the beginning and with his intimations all over the narrative, stating that the

hobbit and his friends would win and acquire what they wanted. At the terminal it was

clear that the good people are traveling to win the conflict against the immorality.

The secret plan is non really complicated and it can be summarized by one paragraph or

something like this.

Critic & # 8217 ; s Choice

Although I like fantasy manner, I did non truly like this book. The book was the

worst fantasy book I of all time read, although I know that the writer is considered

to be one of the people that gave the fantasy manner a great push.

Even though the book is good written there are some mistakes that make it tiring

and uninteresting ( such as the deficiency of suspense that I already discussed

before ) . Comparing this book to the? Dragon Lance? series and particularly the

foremost, original 1s, by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman the? Dragon Lance? is

much better.

For this book to be more interesting some alterations need to be made, like dropping

all the notes that the writer puts in about the characters. These notes that

reduced the suspense made the book really deadening and I even fell asleep one time

reading it.

If you want to read a fantasy book, you should jump this one and read a book of

Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman that are better writers. If this author ( died? )

wants to go on composing, allow it be, but he should non anticipate me to read it.

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