The Honor Code

5 May 2018

In following the Honor Code at Xavier will learn more about others, he school, and myself. The Honor Code will impact my academic and campus life because it will lead my way to the future by becoming a successful young black woman. Honor and trust is what I will learn at Xavier by following the Honor System. By being honorable I will have to be truthful, honest, and, respectful throughout any situation.

This means I will have to be straightforward dealing with my academics, personal life at Xavier, and campus life. I will have to take responsibility of my actions and choices.My actions at Xavier will determine whom I will become and what I am going to do with my life. Trust at Xavier is a very important issue. In order for Xavier to trust me I have to have trust in others and myself. Xavier has to trust me from the day enter their school until the day of graduate. Honesty is the key to trust for it will set me free from cheating, lying , Ganger 2 and being immoral.

The Honor Code Essay Example

Also, I have to choose whom I become friends with because if I don’t trust them I will get into bad situations. I should have a close relationship with Xavier and myself so can become trustful.Saver’s Honor System will give me an opportunity to endure in many experiences. Even if the experiences are good or bad it will give me a chance to learn from my mistakes. By experiencing things I can learn more about myself. In college I have the freedom to do anything I want, but I shouldn’t take it lightly. The honor code will teach me not to have too much freedom and how to manage my time.

Life at Xavier is going to be fun, but I have to be mature. Maturity is also a goal I must reach while attending Xavier.I have to be tauter about things in order to be treated as a young adult. The Honor Code will help me to become more mature in situations. Although, I do have some sense of maturity the Honor Code will help me to improve it. When I leave Xavier University I will know all aspects of life due to the Honor Code. The Honor Code is going to teach me how to carry myself, how to be responsible, and how to be able to deal with situations.

Never knew that the Honor Code was so significant until I read it, but I learn more about Xavier and myself.

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